10 Add-Ons that will Revolutionize Your Browser

It’s a day in age where technology is king. All over the world, people spend countless of hours online every day. We depend on internet for so many different functions, like: work, school assignments, entertainment,etc.
top browser extensions
Harness the power of your browser to the max

Regardless of the purpose, the internet is supposed to make life run smoother. Instead, the opposite happens with potential threats or annoyances from popup ads, hacking, malware and computer viruses.

Currently, the largest browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (sorry Bing). For a better internet experience, look no further than adding a few new add-ons to your preferred browser.

These are the top 10 add-ons to consider:


Yoono , founded in 2006, connects different social media platforms together under one, easy-to- navigate location. They make it easier to stay connected to friends and family, while making it easy to also share and discuss ideas with different people. It allows users to bypass all of the back and forth of going on one social media site to the next.

Yoono is available in several major formats, including all of the different browser extensions (best with Chrome and Firefox), and is also available as a mobile app.


Lastpass is a great tool for maintaining passwords. There will be no more issues about forgotten passwords or security question verifications.

Lastpass remembers passwords for different accounts and syncs up with you different devices. It is universal Windows installer, available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Open in Chrome

Most computers have several installed browsers— one typically for that day when everything decides to not work properly. Open in Chrome is a Firefox add-on. It transfers indicated sites to open up in the Google Chrome browser. If two are better than one, Open in Chrome is the way to go.

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus is the ultimate extension for managing all the open tabs up on a browser. With it, users can quickly open, duplicate and recover different tabs. It is available for download, only on Firefox.


FoxyTunes is a media player add-on for Firefox. It makes it easier to listen to music online by mixing many compatible media players directly into the browser window. Now you can play files from your favorite media player without having to leave your browser window.

FoxyTunes provides track and artist information and is equipped with a sleep timer and alarm for set listening times.


Disconnect provides less heartache while browsing the internet. It blocks third-party tracking cookies. Without add-ons like Disconnect, advertisers and social media networks are free to track your browsing habits.

Ever wonder why Facebook, amazon.com and other sites are filled with ads relating back to your recent searches? Disconnect does what its name says—it disconnects you from third party trackers, including potential hackers.

It is available for Chrome, Safari and Opera (Opera 15 and higher).


Information is key, but when that means reading—and pressing the next box—it gets a little irritating to keep on reading. AutoPager , a Firefox and Chrome extension solves just the problem.
Compatible with many sites, AutoPager makes lengthy pages of content, fit on a single page. Say goodbye to the “next page” button.

Lazarus Form Recovery

In a time where forms are required for everything, such as job and school applications, questionnaires, etc., one of the worst things is losing that information suddenly when the browser decides to crash.
Lazarus Form Recovery brings back those forms from the dead… the dead area in cyberspace. It’s available for several browsers, including: Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


Online shopping is faster and more convenient than in-store shopping. And now there’s Honey , an add-on that automatically applies discount codes for you when you go to the online checkout.
There’s no more searching for online discounts. It’s downloadable for both Firefox and Chrome.


Twitter lovers will benefit from Tweetlight . It’s an add-on that makes it easier to share tweets. How’s it work? Just highlight something you’d like to tweet, and the option to do so will pop up; there’s no copy and pasting involved.

Tweetlight can be installed for Firefox browsers.

Author bio: is an online marketer and content specialist for DISH network packages and iPhone Spy Software. She has a B.A. in English and a minor in political science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

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