How to Become A Super Seller on Fiverr

sell logo designs on fiverrFiverr is the world’s biggest micro jobs site. Millions of transactions take place in a single day with each one starting from $5 all the way upto $ 20,000 and even more.


This buying frenzy is fueled by people starting new businesses. They need help in designing their websites, logos, landing pages, graphic design, ebook covers and what not.  Getting a logo designed outside can run upto hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Buyers outsource all most everything to Fiverr as it is very cheap.


Graphic designers are using this ever increasing demand and are offering their services and making good money on Fiverr. Here’s an amazing Fiverr success story of an Indian guy who was broke and now owns a successful business by creating logos. And he’s just one of the many Top Rated Sellers who are pulling $30K/month or more! Here’s another Fiverr seller who made $1000 in 2 just months selling logos very recently.


make money fiverr logos

Logo Design Gig Order Queue

There is no shortage of demand for logo design, business card design, e-book covers etc on Fiverr.

  1. You can start learning logo design by watching videos on YouTube and using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator to create them. This takes time and practice. No one can become a good logo designer over night.
  2. You can use a logo creator software with built in templates and graphical editor.

If you really want to become a professional graphic designer, you must go for the first option. There’s no other way. You must spend countless hours perfecting your skill using Adobe photoshop.

If you are on a tight situation and don’t have time to learn logo designing the hard way, then go for the second option. One of the well known software for designing logos,business cards and selling them is the Laughing Bird.

This software helps you create –

  1. Amazing logos
  2. Professional Business Cards
  3. Social Media timeline Covers
  4. Marketing Mascot

Watch the Laughing Bird Logo Creator Software in action in my review video below

The creator of this software is Marc Sylvester, a graphic designer himself who made the hundreds of logo templates available on his logo designing software – The Laughing Bird. You can modify those templates and come up with countless more logo designs.

He is selling his graphic designs indirectly through his software which you can modify. You pay $47 for the software and get all those built-in templates that he created.

You can visit his Official Website where he has outlined all the features of his logo designing software. Read everything about his product, and then you may proceed to buy his software on his official site itself. It’s a small investment for really big returns.

I hope I helped you in getting started on Fiverr. Come back after you become a Top Rated Seller and share your experience in the comments below.



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