5 Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Lifestyle

Top 5 Smartphone Apps

Smartphones are great helpers in our daily lives, more than helpers; they tend to facilitate almost every aspect of our daily life, ranging from keeping a check on our kids to meeting our work deadlines. So there is no denying that we have become majorly dependant on our smartphones to get our day to day hassles out of the way.

But how much time do we really spend using smartphones on improving ourselves? Technology has been a major helper in business and chores but when it comes to using them to upgrade the way we live, fix up those horrible spending habits, keep track of health and fitness, how many of us can claim we can do that?

By now, all those who own smartphones, from the housewife noob to the seasoned elderly, know how to install anti-cell phone spyware and detect keylogger presence on their sets, but there are other things to learn when it comes to our smartphones as well. For those of you who find this idea refreshing, here are 5 apps that will help you break out of the technological mold and help improve your life at the same time.

Top 5 Smartphone Apps
The best way to start improving your lifestyle is by improving your diet. Eating healthy is everyone’s dream but few manage to actually implement it on a daily basis. A lot of the times it is not even due to laziness but due to the fact that few us can take out time to research the nutritional value of our groceries. This app makes that no longer a problem. Next time you go shopping, simply scan the barcode with the app and receive all the nutritional values. This way you can assess how healthy you are truly eating and look for healthier alternatives at the same time.


This app is perfect for getting yourself into a healthy and fit model of yourself. Just pick an activity, such as running, cycling or roller skating and have the app track whatever it is you are doing and monitor your performance over periods of time. It also makes exercising a more social and competitive activity by allowing you to share stats and follow other people (who are using the app) and their activities.

3.Up by Jawbone. 

This is one app which monitors your bodies’ activities for the whole day. It is an app as well as a techier, phone based version of a wristband. It tracks your physical movement, your sleeping trends, and what you have been eating (so this way you will know whether Fooducate is helping you or not). It comes with reminders to wake you up via alarm when it has assessed is the best time for you to sleep and also does the same by telling you which foods you eat bring about optimal performance.


All of us at one point or the other have been guilty of driving and texting, which is more dangerous than we come to realize. This app cures the urge to commit that particular smartphone sin since it reads emails and messages out loud the moment they are received. It also automatically responds without drivers having to pick up the smartphone.


This app ensures health—but the very long term kind. It has been developed to keep track of mobile phone radiation a person is getting exposed to. When users are exposed to a certain amount of radiation, the app sends out alerts and makes quick and simple suggestions to undo the effects. A great app for those who use the smartphone more than the average user