5 Amazing Apps for Coffee Addicts

coffee apps

When I’m writing articles, I have two big loves: Android and Coffee. Today, I’m combining those interests into a single article about Coffee Apps, where I’ll be looking at the best Android applications for coffee aficionados. Let’s get right into the selections!

5. Hidden Menu Coffee Drinks

This is a rather clever app that shows you twenty-five ‘secret’ drinks available at Starbucks. All are essentially modifications of existing drinks, but given the vast amount of combinations it’s nice to have some good recommendations. While I’m not sure how well my barista will take to these, I’m definitely keen to give them a try. Thankfully, the app shows both a Starbucks standard chart of what you want as well as the plain English definition. This app is free, but there’s a paid variant that offers 75 variants and costs £0.61.

4. Coffee Recipes

This is a coffee recipe app, showing off so many different espresso-based coffee recipes. While the app is quite basic in its construction – consisting just of a long list of potential recipes, which can be opened to see the ingredients and preparation instructions – the sheer scale of recipes available, 90 in total, is impressive and worthwhile. There are ads, and therefore the app is free.

3. Coffee Finder

This is an app designed to help you find nearby coffee outlets. While the chains shown are specific to the US and Canada, if you live in either of these nations you’ll appreciate the ease of use that you can locate nearby coffee outlets. For me in the UK, this was less useful – only Starbucks was a useful selection. While you could replicate this functionality in Google Maps, for those occasions that you really just need a coffee this is a great app to use – and it’s free.

2. Coffeemania

This is similar to the Coffee Recipes app that we saw earlier, but with much more recipes – over 250, including coffee in all varieties and even food that has coffee as an ingredient. The teaching capabilities of this app are relatively threadbare (e.g. you’ll have no instructions on operating an espresso machine beyond the simple ‘put in some ese pods for easy coffee’). Latte art is an intriguing entry, but you need to pay to access it and the quality of the resulting instructions aren’t brilliant. Still, the recipes make this app a worthwhile free install.

1. Baristame

This is the number one app on the list – and one of the few that melds excellent content with beautiful design. The app contains instructions on producing espresso based drinks, including lovely diagrams and loads of information on each. The app also includes a rather intriguing quiz, which’ll test your knowledge. All in all, an excellent teaching tool and a fun app. If you like it, check out the £0.62 Pro upgrade that includes a number of additional educational sections.


So there we have it – five excellent Android apps for finding and creating coffee. Be sure to let me know if you find any good alternatives to the above – I’m always on the lookout for a good coffee app!

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!