5 Reasons To Buy the HTC One

HTC-quietly-brilliant-logoHTC has been seen as a small player in Android for the last couple of years, especially when compared with Samsung or LG which have been the bulk of the Android device sales. But lately, the company has been introducing a lot of interesting devices to the market, including its latest flagship the HTC One. This particular device provides some very nice and compelling features that may make you want to get it, especially when compared with what some of the competition can offer. Here are the top 5 reasons why you might want to buy the HTC One.

Stylish and Modern Design: 
HTC-One-SilverThe first has to do with the device itself. The handset looks very nice, sleek and modern, with a full body aluminium casing that looks and feels very solid. When compared with some of the plastic Samsung devices, this really feels like a superior product. This holds true in tests as well, with the HTC One performing beautifully when dropped or banged around, which proves that having a higher end finish is important for more than just looks.

Ultrapixel Camera:

The next reason why you might want to get this handset is the camera. By using its proprietary UltraPixel technology, HTC claims that the photos will come up with better results than competing smartphones as the sensor can capture more light and details. This is obviously hard to judge, but there is no question that images coming out of this lens do look much brighter and sharper than what you would expect from a typical smartphone.

Sharp Display:


Another major selling point for the handset is its display which looks very spectacular. The HTC One is not a very big device yet the company managed to put in a 4.7 inch screen by reducing the bezel. This allows a lot more information to be shown on the screen while still fitting nicely in your pocket. The screen itself is also spectacular thanks to its high resolution and the use of technology that makes images look brighter and more vivid. This is a display that fits well with the higher end finish of the phone.

Quad-core Power:

The HTC One not only looks great, but it also offers a high quality internal hardware package. It boosts a 1.7GHz SnapDragon processor which performs amazingly well in almost all benchmark tests. You’ll also be able to run all kinds of Android games and apps without any trouble. . This means you will not see the flickering or loss of frames typical to some lower end devices. You can run the most demanding Android games without any issue thanks to this superior CPU.

Amazing Sound Quality:

While most phones have one tiny speaker on the side, the HTC One has two stereo speakers right in front of the device. Additionally, there is Beats Audio enhancement which improves the sound quality by amplifying the output.You are guaranteed to experience excellent sound playback while watching videos, movies or while listening to music.

Author Bio:

Norma M. is a Marketing Head for a Price Comparison Portal based in the UK.