5 Tips To Get Your Website Slapped By Google.

How to get your website “slapped by Google”?
It’s pretty simple. Try to bend the rules of SEO even slightly and all your hard work in gaining backlinks and authority for your website goes to waste. There is a catchy term webmasters use for this – Black Hat SEO.
Search engine marketing is an important part of  internet marketing . Ideally you want as many visitors angling towards your website as soon as possible for maximum profit. To accelerate that process, website owners do some crazy things that makes the the big brother G unhappy.

Here are 5 tips which you should implement if you want your site or blog to get slapped by Google and get little to literally no search engine traffic at all.

Tip 1: Keyword Stuffing: Use excessive keywords in your text.

In the SEO training, I explain that it is important to use your target keywords to an optimum level of about 2-3% in your text . If you insert a keyword many times in your website, Google will treat it as spam and will work against you.

If you want your site to crash and burn, I will definitely recommend you to mention keywords in your website text as many times as possible.

Tip 2:  Get as many links from low quality websites.

Link Building is as part of search engine optimization. You must collect as many links to your site because the more links to your site the higher you will score. Earlier that was true, but times have changed and Google has become smarter especially after the Humming Bird update.

Nowadays it’s all about quality links to your website. If you want to enter into a confrontation with the search engine giant, I advise you to buy links (which is clearly against the rules). There are plenty of websites where you can buy 500 Chinese backlinks for a few dollars.

Curious about the result of this action? After a few weeks you will receive fewer visitors and you will fall in the SERPs. Do you really have guts try it out? Then go to www. smallseotools.com/backlink-maker. Submit your site and wait for things to happen in a few days. But do not complain if you get slapped. After all, this post is to help you get your website “slapped by Google”.

Tip 3: Shamelessly copy content from other websites.

Why work hard on something when it already exists? If someone already has written a text for you, you can just copy it. Now, why does Google get angry when you take texts from other sites? Google believes it is important that content on the Internet are unique. In this way, Google users can get a pleasant search experience.

As a user each time the same texts shows the user gets a negative experience with the search engine and will not return. This results in loss of advertising opportunity from companies using AdWords.

Tip 4: Mislead your website visitors.

Another trick that companies sometimes try out is cloaking (misleading website visitors). They might want to score on specific keywords and if the user comes to the website once, they show all the content other than what the user has searched for- A form of deception, and that’s against the rules of quality search engine marketing. Cloaking is stuffing keywords in the text which is visible to search engines, but not to the user.

Tip 5: Write short posts with low quality.

Short texts with only a few keywords in your text to rank in the search engine worked in the past. If you post a lot of those low-quality articles, definitely it will work against you. So if you are curious you should just try it. If you prefer to have Him as a friend and get loads of traffic, write awesome high quality articles where your visitors come back for more.

So as you can see, to provoke a fight with Google, is not so difficult and you WILL lose.

If Google gives you a red card, you lose all your positions in the search results page and become completely untraceable.

If you implement the above five tips on your website, then you are the naughtiest boy in class and will certainly provoke a bad response from Google.
So, be smart and take advantage of the above knowledge to not “get slapped”.