Accepting Guest posts in 2014. Do’s and Don’ts.

guest post from bloggersArticles from guest bloggers can help blog owners like you and me get some much needed break from blogging so that we can involve ourselves in other leisure activities like golf, swimming (my personal favorite) or take a short trip to some place and get back to writing with renewed energy. Guest bloggers also will get you more visitors as they will share the post written by them for your blog with people whom they know. You also make a lot of blogger buddies with whom you can share your ideas and build a network.I too accept articles from guest bloggers. Here some of the amazing articles which I received –

1. Gifts For the Traveling Gamer
2. Vine jealous of Instagram?
3. Nvidea Shield released and reviewed.

As you can see, there are advantages in accepting guest posts. The guest author gets a backlink to his/her site in return so that his/her site will get a boost in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and you get the above mentioned benefits. So, it’s a win-win situation on both the sides.

After doing some study and from my own experience, I’ve jotted down some of the Do’s and Don’ts to follow in accepting guest posts from other bloggers.


1. Accept only quality posts. Some guest bloggers send you re-written or spun around articles so that they get a backlink from you easily without putting some work in coming up with a quality article.

2. Keep word limit, say about 350 so that the search engines will detect your blog a source of information to its users.

3. Allow only 1 backlink in each article (Giving away too many do-follow links will suck out your PR juice/authority).

4. Make sure the post solves a problem, is informative or entertaining. Visitors come to you blog just for that. Not to help you make more money by visiting your blog and clicking on advertisements (I don’t put advertisements by the way).

5. Check the backlink as to whether it leads to a spam or porn site. Your blog will look spammy to search engines if you link to spam sites.

6. Make sure the backlink is to a site related to your niche. Don’t link to a site which sells baby products if your blog is about technology.

7. Make sure the anchor text used to link are not the keywords you are targeting for. You want your blog to appear on top of the search results, not you competitor’s.


1. Accept too many guest posts (Reason mentioned in point 3 in the Do’s section).

2. Accept poorly written articles because people visit you blog for information and you should try your best to deliver it so that they come back for more.

I hope you found this article useful, which was my intention.
Happy blogging!

P.S You can send me you guest posts by clicking here ;-)