The Advantages Of Corporate Intranet Systems

There are a number of advantages that the internet brings to the situation, and any decent corporation will find a way to mirror those advantages. With a few dedicated servers, they can create their very own corporate intranet systems so that they can have their very own instant messaging systems, e-mail, and even private discussion boards. There are a few other advantages as well, especially when it comes to dealing with some of the other neat tricks one can do with a private internet. The corporate intranet can be one of the best things a company can invest in and keep maintained.

corporate intranet systems
Corporate intranet systems have a weird construction compared to other networks. If the system is set up well, it acts like one of those chocolate candies with a cream-filled center: Once you are past the outside of the candy, the inside is all yours. As each section is limited by the person’s permissions, the person will not even see the areas he is not allowed to go into, limiting where the person goes. This not only allows for an effective division of departments; although this encourages silos, it can also be used to encourage interdepartmental organization.

However, there are a number of advantages, especially for field operations. Although the obvious issue is that the laptop of the field agent becomes a potential security risk and therefore something to keep in mind in high security risk areas, it nonetheless can be a powerful tool for the agent. It means that the agent can easily back up information, saving it both on the laptop as well as the computers back home. Conference calls also become a lot easier as everything can be set up and ready to go for the call, especially if the person has been chatting to anyone back home. The agent can also share any information a lot easier than if the conference had to be sent over a non-secured line.

The biggest advantage is that the corporation can secure the intranet easier than they can a fully networked system of computers with each one having its own internet access. Besides allowing easier file-sharing and communication between employees, corporate intranet systems can help employees build a database of information for questions that they run across frequently to assist other employees. By taking advantage of its private intranet, a corporation can realize a number of advantage with little actual investment, making this an investment worth looking into.