Alienware’s Area 51 will re-define your PC gaming experience.

Dell’s Alienware chain of Gaming PCs have come up with a truly extra-terrestrial looking gaming monster – The Area 51. You can choose either 6 core or 8 core Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme processors which come overclocked from the factory itself. You can go upto 32GB on DDR4 memory.

Immerse yourself in superior HD gaming  using triple Ultra HD 4K monitors boasting a resolution of 11520×2160. The Alienware Area 51 supports up to 5 hard drives.


Alienware Area 51

The design has very good ergonomics and helps in efficient cooling. Fans pull in air from the front-bottom of the machine and jet up and out the rear-top.


Area 51 is truly a beast with more than enough computing power for any hard-core gaming experience.

Here’s the official promo video-