Angry Birds Space

“Angry Birds Space” has already got over 10 million downloads in a three-day span. The announcement about the record-breaking number was made via Rovio’s official “Angry Birds” Twitter account.

In “Angry Birds Space”, players can hurl the reputed red bird, the mini blue bird (which triples itself), the large lumbering green bird and the black bomb bird. The yellow triangle bird has also been worked upon by the developers this time to launch or boost specifically in the direction the player taps. A new ice bird has been added that freezes anything (both pigs and structures) it touches.
It also has an alternate blast mode that not only will freeze larger objects around the bird, but will also destroy it.

Players will also have the ability to take advantage of the Mighty Eagle which has made a return from previous titles. However, this time around it has a slightly different use. The Eagle (dubbed the Space Eagle) is now a consumable (means players only have a fixed amount to use unless they collect or purchase more).
Now if the players aren’t interested to purchase the Eagles, they can unlock more by simply completing various difficult challenges or even by progressing in the game. May think that the great Eagle is not quite as powerful as it was in the previous “Angry Birds” titles, but it does pack a punch and can make life a living hell for those mean old pigs.

However, the basic game is still available for free but it is an ad-supported version which can be a real disturbance at times. But nonetheless, it is free.

Download Angry Birds Space for free.