Animation Production Touches Reality

Animation is one of the most revolutionary movements the world had come across almost ninety years back. The production had moved through many ups and downs in these years. The animation production was never easy in these days. In the initial days there was no technology and machinery that could muscle the production and make the process easier. The invention of the computer brought a massive change in this trade. The process became easier. It is not completely right that the process of animation became easier because of computer but manual workload minimized.

3d animation

Initially the animation production was completely dependent on the hand drawing. The artist had to be very strong with his art work to generate the character as it is all the time. The motion of the characters was also created by the hand drawing.

Later with the introduction of the computer the production work became easier. The computer also gave the birth of 3d animation. The advancement of the procedure and technology made it possible to create the 3d character. The 3d appearance is not only limited to the characters but it also brought into the world of walkthrough. This 3d walkthrough has provided the world more realistic animation view.

Use of 3d animation production:

Most of the people used to think that the 3d animation is something which is strongly related to the cartoon and the film but this is not the truth. The 3d animation has found an important place in many trades. The 3d animation has found a very bright future in the blue print design of the realty business. People are very much up for the view of the 3d appearance of the project long before the work is being initiated.

The 3d animation production has given the world some extraordinary project as a 3d animation movie that has dazzled the eyes of the viewers and they have bought the concept with wasting any time. But the 3d animation production is not only limited to the full length movie but in the movies as well. People are very fond of the science fiction movies and something like that where the 3d animation is being used for the special effects.

The quality of the work is becoming high day by day and it hard to differentiate the real human and the animated character on the screen. This type of 3d animation production includes a very specific type of working technology. In spite of creating the character entirely in the computer they use real human with motion capturing dots. The camera captures the motion of the human and then the motion is transplanted to the animated character to increase the reality appearance of the character.

Every year we come across numbers of animation movie from every part of the world. If we inspect then we will found the animation quality is becoming better day by day. The 3d animation production quality is going high day by day people are working hard for the technology and with the technology as well to entertain the mass.

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