5 Apps to Replace Your Built-In Contacts (Android & iOS)

It’s high time that we threw away the default contacts in our cellphones. Nowadays you can get hundreds of beautiful and capable contacts apps in iTunes Store and Google Play, here are the 5 apps I think which are superior than the built-in contacts app.


This app requires you to register with your email, and it allows you to sync with iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo email, Outlook, Calendar, and import your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Another highlight is that Smarter will organize your contacts upon how frequently you contact him/her, no need to manually set them in order for a more convenient call, pretty smart, right?
It can also pull all the activities related to this contact together and display them to you, including the emails, SMS, and calls, also the involved calendar event.
It is free to use, and available on both iOS and Android.


contacts appsOnce you run this app, it will show your contacts in latticed interface, a bit like browsing a gallery. You can also sort them out by alphabet, contact frequency, and latest calls.
Slide to right you can see the call log, slide left to check the SMS log, and press the bottom right-hand corner to make a call.
Contacts+ has also been integrated with your social profiles. When you install this app, it will automatically import your social network friends’ information of those installed social apps like Skype, Facebook and LinkedIn.
And don’t miss this, Contacts+ users are free to send SMS to each other.
This app is free to use, and you can get it on iOS and Android.


Cobook can import your contacts from Gmail and iCloud and keep synced, it can also auto import your contacts’ detailed information if they are added you in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And the information include phone number, photos, emails, address and birthday.
You can also share (some of) your friend’s information to others, by some simple clicks you can do this.
This app is only available in iTunes Apps Store, and it’s free to use.


This is a newborn app which was just launched last December, and it is pretty smart in my point of view. Besides manage your contacts in groups, it can also “track” your contacts, when they change their information, Addappt will sync the latest information to your cellphone.
With this app, you are no longer worry about being out of touch with your friends once they change their phone number and email address. And notice, you can only track the information if your friends are also using Addappt.
At this moment you can only get it on iOS, it’s a free app.


Brewster is more than a contacts management app, it focus more on managing your contacts with social relationship. It can import your friends’ information from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
It even sort them into groups according to the geographic position, industry, school or company, and display them like a gallery.
FYI, when your contact’s birthday is coming, change their job, or modify other information, Brewster will push you a notification but will not auto sync the latest information. You can also use the search feature to quickly pick someone out, even if you are not search his/her name but just a piece of social network information.

The app is available only for iOS, and it’s free.
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