Apple to Include Microsoft and Google in their iPhones

Now to Apple has agreed with Microsoft’s and Google’s to insert functions in their mobile phone operating systems which can make mobile phone thefts pointless. Leading public prosecutors of New York and San Francisco explained on Thursday, the enterprises would integrate in future so-called doing in Switches into Windows Phone and Android. The new software should enable to make stolen Smartphones from a distance useless. The commercial basis would be taken away from thieves’ stolen goods would be at best still usable as a door stopper.

Apple had already inserted with the iOS 7 published in 2013 an activation barrier in their iPhones and iPads. It blocks the use of a stolen device so long to whose owner announces itself on it with his Apple account and Apple password. The fact that the method functions, the figures which were published in the first annual report of the US initiative Secure our Smartphones (SOS) (PDF) book.
Therefore, the number of the iPhone thefts decreased in New York after introduction of this function around up to 29 percent. In San Francisco there have been even 38 percent less, and in London 24 percent less stolen iPhones than in the year before.

Obviously the criminals as a reaction to Apples Doing in Switch moved themselves to other products. The report calls exemplary Samsung-Smartphones whose theft rates rose in London by three percent, in San Francisco about twelve percent and in New York even about 40 percent. Indeed, it is pointed out to the fact that Samsung integrates at least by the devices which are distributed with the US provider Verizon, a theft protection.

The reason for the initiative SOS to exercise straight pressure on mobile phone manufacturer to move them to the installation of theft protection software is the number dramatically risen during the last year of Smart phone thefts. Only in the USA, 3.1 million mobile phones have been manufactured in 2013, twice as many like in the year before it. In the same period every third European became, according to the report, a victim of a Smartphone theft or n.m. loss.