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This is my post about a very cool tool that I’ve been using for the past several months called ASINSPECTOR. If  you’ve done a product research on Amazon before you’ll know how much time it takes. With this tool I would estimate that I saved 80% to 90% of the time that I used to spend doing private research.

So you know how it’s always been done as you would type in ‘Star Wars light sabers’ or whatever into Amazon and there’s the list of all products and you click the first one and you say “Oh nice! This is 3.5 stars”, note down it’s price, BSR, its category and you copy and paste it all into an Excel spreadsheet and then you go to the second product on the page and copy paste all that and repeat the same steps for the third product.

Probably now you’ll realize it takes a very long time to do that for just one product. And if you’re doing to do that research for ten or twenty products it’s really gonna take you a lot of hours and lot of time out of your day. So few months ago some some tool started coming out in the Google Chrome extensions marketplace which promised to automate product research.

Play the video below to see it in action.

Here is another video by the creator of ASinspector himself and reviews by existing users.

I’ve tried three other ones (jungle scout etc.) before the ASinspector chrome extension and then when I used ASinspector I felt it much better put together and it gives you a lot of extra data. So now you go for instance tabs and you click the little button in your Chrome browser it pulls up ASinspector in a new tab and shows not only the BSR and the price but also the estimated number of sales per month. It also shows you the estimated revenue per month after every product on the page.

So that’s an insane amount of time you just saved but really where this goes above and beyond and is going to make your life so much easier is all the extra buttons they’ve got included in their Chrome extension. Two best ones I think are the Alibaba and the Aliexpress link so you just click it and it will show you how much you can get it on wholesale and there’s a listing of every detail about the product. This again will save you a ton of time.

You can also see how the product sells around the year– it’s peaks and valleys which helps you in deciding the best product to sell around the year. So that’s another really cool feature.

amazon asinspector software


Another excellent feature that I really liked is that after you choose what you think is a great product to sell,  it’s going to take the price from Amazon and you can enter the wholesale price that you just ran on Alibaba and its going to pull in the FBA fees and it’s going to give you an ROI calculation and you’re going to see if it’s a hundred percent ROI or maybe this is only 30 because this product is heavy and you know it’s definitely not worth shipping something like that.

ASinspector updates regularly. When you just open up your browser, it updates in the background. As of now they’re still running a special promotion where it’s a one-time fee for lifetime access. I believe in the future they’re probably gonna raise it up to possibly a yearly fee.

So you know if you’re doing any sort of product research this is going to save you a ton of time and time is money. And it can help you make a lot more money. It is the Best keyword and product research tool for Amazon & Shopify in 2016 and I highly recommend it to anybody doing any product research on Amazon.

Use ASinspector and you definitely won’t regret it.


I hope you found this article very helpful in doing product research very easily as an Amazon Affiliate.

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