Asus Transformer Book Trio runs Windows 8 + Android, has two Intel CPUs

Asus always come up with the coolest multi-functional products. The best example is probably the PadFone – the phone that fits inside a tablet that comes with a stylus that’s also a Bluetooth headset – but their latest big reveal is pretty incredible as well. It’s called the Asus Transformer Book Trio, and as the name suggests it has three rather different operating modes.
Courtesy: The Verge
So to start off, we’ve got what looks to be a normal laptop computer, running Windows 8 on a new Intel Core i7 Haswell processor. There’s a nice full HD 11.6-inch display with 10 finger touch support. And that’s pretty cool by itself, but it gets way cooler. Flip a switch, and the Trio will swap to running Android instead, running off an entirely separate Intel Atom processor. Storage between the two modes is shared too, so you can edit a document on Windows then send it off on Android.
So that’s pretty cool, but it’s not the only way that the Trio is crazy-awesome. The next way is that the Trio splits into two pieces, each of which is a fully functional computer. The top half becomes an Android tablet, using that Atom low-power processor. The bottom half becomes essentially a Core i7 Windows desktop with an integrated keyboard and trackpad, and can be plugged into a monitor.
Courtesy: The Verge
The redundant systems in place to allow this is pretty incredible; the fact that each half has its own processor, RAM, storage and battery is awesome, and makes the fact that it also works as a single unit all the more impressive. Together, you’ll be able to get a massive 15 hours of battery life, with a 1 TB mechanical hard drive and a 64 GB solid state drive allowing plenty of storage too. The fact that one device could become your desktop, laptop and tablet is pretty incredible.
I’m incredibly excited about the Asus Transformer Book Trio, and I can’t wait to see some reviews for it. Pricing and availability has yet to be announced, of course.
What do you think of the Trio? Do you share my unbridled enthusiasm? Let me know in the comments below!