Best 5 Cloud based tools that increase your productivity

Using cloud services may be expensive, but it is a way of gaining remote computer functions or a way to save content on remote hard drives. It removes the responsibility of having to conduct your business functions via your own computers. You can use more powerful computers that are located within the cloud (remotely). This also means you do not have to purchase, license, maintain or update the software that you use, nor does it mean you are burdened with paying for in-house servers and hard drives. So, here are the top 5 Cloud based tools for productivity. 
1 – Zoho

zoho cloud solutions

This is a productivity tool that gives you all the tools that MS Office 365 gives you. It has thing such as a book viewer, bug tracker, emails, and calendars. It also has CRM functions, it has mail functions and allows you to create and use a variety of documents. It has different types of apps that each has different prices attached.
You can use its basic functions for which they have no charge, or you can purchase one of their plans and use their email campaign functions and other more profitable functions. The basic plan is pretty reasonable, since they allow you to use things such as their document tools for free, but since most people have those sorts of functions on their computer already, it does not make much of a selling point. Still, it is free so it is hard to complain.
2 – Cloudsave
This is a cloud service that may have its app added as a Google Chrome extension. It allows you to save your files to the cloud in a quick and efficient manner. It syncs up with many of the mainstream cloud services in order to allow very swift saving onto the cloud. You can right click and choose to save something to the cloud, plus this service comes free. It also work on most of the mainstream platforms too, though it is supported by the Google Chrome browser.
3 – ZeroPC
zero pc cloud tools
This is a service that allows you to store and synchronize your cloud files with just one app/tool. It also has a lot of other functions such as a file manager, a web browser, sticky notes, a bulk uploader and a universal inbox. There are different levels of subscription that you can buy, so the more that you pay then the more you get.
Your primary aim is to make sure that you know exactly how much space you are going to need, and how often you are going to need to use these cloud services. If you know that then you will be able to pick the subscription that suits you the best.
4 – SyncDocs
sync docs
With this cloud service you are able to synchronize your PC files with your Google Docs account. It means that when you update a file on your PC, then it is updated on your cloud service too. Plus, if you update your files on Google Docs, then this service will update the files on your PC too. It does this by updating your files the next time you use the cloud app on your PC.
You can update files on your PC whilst you are offline. The cloud service app will remember your changes and then update your Google docs files when you go online again. When the files are put online they are encrypted so that it is harder for people to read your saved content without authorization. The cloud app is also able to convert your files on your computer too, so that they are able to be synchronized with your Google Docs account. You have to purchase a yearly subscription in order to use the cloud service.
5 – Boomerang
boomerang for gmail

This is a cloud service that you can use in conjunction with your accounts on Google. It allows you to do things such as set up reminders with emails, or manage your follow ups on your emails. You can schedule emails and even set up recurring emails. You can track the responses that you get via email, and you can make the same message reappear in your email inbox, which is good for if you are using the email functions as more of an organizer.

You are given ten free message credits if you sign up for a free account. You can sign up for a personal account which has a monthly charge, but also gives you unlimited emailing credits. You can sign up for a more expensive professional service, which give you mobile access and unlimited credits.
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