Best Map Apps for Windows 8

Best Map Apps for Windows 8

Nokia and Windows have received a reinvention of late with the arrival of the new set of Microsoft powered Finnish phones. Of course, it’s still relatively early days for the devices, but that said there is a lot that can be said of positive merit about the Lumia, as well as other Windows 8 powered devices.

However, no matter how good an operating system is, it still needs plenty of apps and good ones at that. Of course, one of the most important apps to get right is the map app – so, what does Windows offer in terms of this kind of application?

Here is the list of Best Map Apps for Windows 8

Nokia Maps

Best Map Apps for Windows 8

Nokia’s Map app comes as stock on the Nokia powered Windows phones and really is quite an accurate beast. The company’s purchase of map company means it offers an excellent alternative to other more established map apps. The Nokia version includes all you would expect from a top end app of this nature, offering public transport schedules, route planner, offline access and detailed local information. It’s also a clearly designed attractive app, with a nice interface and is a definite contender.

Google Maps

Best Map Apps for Windows 8

Of course, the alternative and somewhat the king of the app world is Google Maps. The Map app has all you would expect and is pretty much the same Google Maps that is experienced on Android and now and again IOS – depending. As you would expect it includes navigation features and all the usual malarkey we’re now used to with Google Maps. We would also say that it offers more detailed results and local information, thanks to Google’s in-depth offering and partially thanks to its Zagat ratings. Google Maps is definitely a must have on Windows, albeit all operating systems. It’s a comprehensive app that leads the way in most areas – hence the outcry from Apple fans upon its replacement and joy at reinstatement.

Best Map Apps for Windows 8Bingle Maps

This app offers a lot and integrates both Bing and Google Maps to offer a very comprehensive service. The map is full of features and allows you to drop pins, find directions and even manages to sync with your DropBox account if you have one. The sheer array of features makes it one to definitely consider.

Best Map Apps for Windows 8
This app is one of the best on Windows at the moment and includes public transport, driver mode etc. All of this is sourced through Google Map data, making it an accurate and worthy alternative to the aforementioned two options.

Maps +

Best Map Apps for Windows 8

Powered by Bing Maps this app is quite a decent one, though doesn’t have the vast functionality of the other apps. That said it’s ideal for directions, points of interest and locations and does all the basics you would expect from a map app and a little bit more besides.



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