Blog Writing and Blogging Styles

Blogging has been a growing trend since the 1990’s. Blog writing has shaped the writer- reader interface and has molded the path of new media. They allow visitors to leave comments and can interact with the writer directly.

Blog writing does contain various subcultures and has many genres. Bloggers adopt many writing styles so that they can cater to their audience in an effective manner. They differ in the content as well as the way it is written or delivered.

Blogging Styles

1. The Rambler

bad blogging style
The main intention of this blog is to put across whatever it is in your mind. They can be anything from what bothers you the most or daily activities. This kind of blogging style is very popular amongst teenagers. It’s a good start to understanding the finer concepts of blogging and mainstream writing. It is a great outlet and offers good practice for future writing.

2. Mommy Blogs

mommy bloggers
The title gives away the main definition of the blog itself. These blogs are usually manned by mothers. This give the opportunities for many mothers to take some time away from their busy schedules and write about their families, share stories and advice with their readers, etc.

3. The Happy Blogger

casual blogger
These bloggers strive to enrich a person’s lifestyles by promoting diverse routines, habits and practices, and encouraging their readers to adopt some of the customs into their daily life. The approach is very hedonistic and the bloggers are not afraid to talk about their own personal experiences, or relate to their readers.

4. The Techie Blog

tech bloggers
You must already noticed that this is a tech blog. These blogs draw focus on new technologies and how its application in various professional and personal fields can be beneficial. These blogs offer step- by- step tutorials on how to fix technical issues. The writers for these blogs enjoy advising their readers, sharing their knowledge of the field and educating their audience as well.

5. The Foodie

foodie blogger
This blog writer shares their knowledge of food with the masses. They enjoy sharing personal recipes and giving good cooking tips. Since blogs are interactive, the readers can share their own personal experience of cooking the meal, ways of improving it, and other queries with the author.

6. The Political Blogger

political bloggingPolitics and political activity is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are, however, writers who enjoy writing about politics. They give their viewpoints about government’s functioning, political rallies, political parties etc. Every so often, these blogs get a lot of flak for their very biased opinions, and engage in online debates with people who are against their opinions.

7. Beauty Blogs

fashion beauty blogger
These blogs give fashion advice, beauty tips, make- up tutorials and many other grooming related tips. The writers keep their readers up- to- date with the latest fashions and styles.

Apart from these, there are bloggers that also write about meditation and well- being, philosophy, businesses and companies etc. Some blogs are dedicated to a person’s life journey. Some blogs are purely based on photographs.

What do you blog about and why? Please share you thoughts in the comment section.

Grace is a content strategist associated with Godot Media. She works on various types of writing, like business writing, eBook writing etc.. She has helped several businesses work on their content marketing strategy.