Want to Charge Your iPod or iPhone But Have No Outlet? Go Green!

When it comes to listening to your favourite tunes on the go, the iPod and iPhone have become must-have accessories, but what happens when an outlet isn’t at arm’s length? Here we take a look at the four green alternatives that will give your iPod or iPhone plenty of juice without being chained to a power socket!

Trade in your charger for a yo-yo

iyo yoyo charger iphone
iYo yoyo charger for iPhone

The iYo yo-yo charger is compatible with both iPhone and iPod, and offers efficient and full charging thanks to this traditional playground favourite. Invented by Swedish designer Peter Thuvander, iYo charges without the use of solar, wind or electrical power, and instead uses a series of rotating batteries, cables, magnets and ball bearing to generate energy and charge your iPod. Simply give it a whirl and plug in your device.

Work it out!

Many fitness fanatics and gym bunnies see their iPod as the perfect accessory to a daily workout, but what if your battery runs flat in the midst of pumping iron?

Kill two birds with one stone with a hand grip charger designed to make you work for a full battery. Again this is compatible with both iPhone and iPod models and uses the energy generated through continuous hand grips to charge your battery. The hand grip charger was designed by Mac Funamizu, who has developed a number of exercise inspired chargers to keep you lean and green.

hand grip charger iphone
Hand grip charger for iPhone

Here comes the sun

There are many solar powered chargers available on the market, but do they really work? In many scenarios solar powered chargers don’t offer instant charge for iPods and iPhones and need copious sunlight to reach full charge. However, these models are perfect for summer getaways where you may be out on the road or by the pool rather than in your hotel room next to a power outlet.

Solar powered chargers are excellent eco devices and provide flexible charging as long as the sun is shining.

Get in a few rounds of golf

Golf Swing charger iphone
Golf Swing charger for iPhone

This innovative gadget offers all you need to improve your swing and charge your iPod, iPhone or other smartphone handsets. With the Golf Swing iPhone Charger, another invention from designer Mac Funamizu, electricity is generated with every swing and your device can then be plugged in to charge. Best of all on iPhones the charger sends data to animate your swing on your handset so you can improve your game further!

About the Author: Brittany Thorley is a technology expert and gadget enthusiast. By day, she works for Steatite Batteries and actively shares her expertise in this area across the net.

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