Cinavia Error Fix 100% Working method in 2019 for PS3 and PS4


Getting cinavia message code 1 or cinavia message code 3 on your PS3 or PS4 while watching movies? Here’s a nifty little trick by Cinavia PS4 Team to get rid of PS4 and PS3 errors permanently yourself in just 20 minutes using Movie Fix 2.0. This method will also give you a permanent cinavia error fix. You can now watch all your favorite movies and stream it to all devices in your house.

Since Cinavia and Sony have updated the Firmware they’ve made past working cinavia error fix methods totally unusable. Changing cables or trying to downgrade your firmware to jailbreak your console doesn’t work any longer. But the one method which actually works and is confirmed by users is a premium software called Movie Fix 2.0.

Watch the Movie Fix working proof below which shows how Movie Fix will allow you to bypass all Cinavia errors permanently.

Movie Fix 2.0 is the first complete solution to fix all PS4, PS3 and Blu-Ray errors – Messages 1,2,3 and 4. I no longer get halted playbacks and muted audio. There’s no need to hack or “jailbrake” into your PS3 or PS4. Just follow the step by step guide and fix all errors permanently.

Movie Fix 2.0 supports all movie formats like MPG, MP4, DivX, MOV, Xvid and many others.

Visit their official site and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the link to order Movie Fix 2.0.

You can also visit Cinavia PS4 team’s One Click download page to order Movie Fix 2.0. Payment gateway used is Clickbank which is the official digital vendor of Movie Fix 2.0.

Disclaimer – The creator of this licensed software is a close friend of mine who asked my help in promoting his product to the masses in exchange for a small commission.

Please share your experience and feedback on the product in the comments section below.

I hope you found this helpful.



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