Clickbank Step by Step tutorial to make money online.

ClickBank step by step tutorial

You have landed on this page for one and only reason. This Clickbank step by step tutorial will provide step-by-step guidelines which is exactly how I made my first sale on Clickbank. If you follow these steps faithfully, I’m sure you can make your first sale using ClickBank in a matter of a few weeks or even days!

Without much blabber, I’ll get straight to the points.

1. Product selection.

 This the most important part. If you don’t follow this, then you will not make your first sale in a long time to come.

a. Select a product having gravity between 10 and 30 from the Clickbank marketplace. Select a product that converts into a sale. There is no sure way to tell which product will sell, but there are official ClickBank tutorials in ClickBank University which make this decision easy for you and help you make your first sale in no time by picking products with least competition for you. I owe my first sale to CBU and recommend it those who want to take clickbank marketing seriously.

b. Select a product a which solves a problem from the above step. People are not stupid to buy useless things.

c. Select a niche which is has less competition. ‘Make money online’, ‘Loose 40 pounds in one week’, etc are highly competitive. Those products don’t work either.

2. Keyword Research!

a. Go to Tools and Analysis –> Keyword Planner.
b. Type in a few keyword phrases like ‘how to lose fat’ etc.
c. Set keyword filters to choose keywords which has low competition and greater 10000 searches.

3. Create a site which reviews the product that you selected.

 Use a nice theme for your site. Make sure it doesn’t look spammy and have pop-ups. Make on page SEO for your site. The review post should use the keywords which you got from step 2. Don’t post dishonest or fake reviews. It’s unethical and visitors will find out (sixth sense maybe).

Ask for a free review copy from the vendor or purchase it. Most vendors will give you a copy if you have a descent site.

4. Ranking in Search Engines

a. Post about 10 descent articles related to that particular niche on your site or blog. The articles don’t have to be very well written. It is only to help your site to rank in search engine results page (SERPs).

b. Write an article and post it on article directories like It should have a link to your review post with a suitable anchor text related to the product. the anchor text should be one of the keywords which you got from step 2.

c. Build links to your review site by commenting and writing guest posts on other blogs.

d. Use Web 2.0.
Create a Blogger, WordPress and livejournal site.
Add a 2 or 3 unique articles to each web 2.0. Place your link to your site using your anchor text in the first paragraph of one of the articles.

e. Inorder to get rank well, use bold text for your keywords in your review site, just like I did in this  Clickbank tutorial. You will start getting traffic to your site after you submit it to search engines and blog directories.

If the visitor feels that your review is honest and if the product is useful, then you will get a sale.

Other points to be noted.

Clickbank step by step Guide
My sample Clickbank earnings
  • Make sure you also include a few negative points of the product so that the review is complete and honest.
  • Highlight the positives of the product.
  • Mention the refund policy of Clickbank.
  • Use images to make your review site look good.
  • Disclose that you are an affiliate. Don’t try to fool people into clicking your affiliate link. They can smell it a mile away.
  • Ask the reader to purchase the product by saying “Click here to purchase the product” and provide the link with the phrase as anchor text.

ClickBank University is official product from Clickbank to help new inexperienced affiliates.

You can visit ClickBank University’s easy step by step tutorial and you should make your first sale on Clickbank within 1 week if you followed every bit properly.

If you have any question, feel free to comment. I will reply to it as soon as possible.

Good luck!