In this technologically advanced world that we are living in, cloud telephony applications acts as a useful tool in making businesses work. In the midst of a virtual marketplace where several companies exist, and some of them offer the same services, being a stand out is quite challenging.

Cloud Telephony
Cloud Telephony offers automated applications using phones. The services are available at any place, anytime. Thus, it works best for businesses and enterprises that are interested in achieving innovative phone solutions, eliminating expenses, tasks, and risks involved in ownership of the standard premise based phone systems.

The following services are made available to different companies via cloud telephony:

1. Virtual Call Center

These days, several companies have decided to station different call centers in different locations throughout the globe. This reasoning is not only focused on the savings, but also to the credibility of the workers as well. As a matter of fact, according to studies, most of the best customer service handlers and technical support personnel are the ones who are located in another country.

To serve the purpose of a call center, virtual call centers running via cloud telephony is a good option for many companies. A cloud based call center is a good solution for a company’s support and sales teams. This will ultimately eliminate the need to have a call center, which is run by expensive IT support and hardware.

2. Hosted IVR

Hosted IVR is used to enable sales, marketing and support teams to create and update their personal cloud based IVR applications. This will eliminate the need to pay for IT programmers to do the task. This technology, so far, has been considered as the best IVR solution for companies who are looking into increasing their productivity and efficiency within the company.

3. Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting enables enterprises to reduce costs, enhance revenue, and increase the level of customer service. This is done through the automatic delivery of interactive notifications through the phone. Voice broadcasts are very easy to use. They deliver previously recorded interactive IVRs or messages to different people at one time. As a result, they can turn into a very powerful tool used in automating phone calls for reminders and appointments, promotions of events, confirmations on delivery, collections of accounts receivable, surveys and many more.

4. Call Tracking

The call tracking tool is used to do call backs for keyword searches, specific ads, direct mail, social media sites, and other sources of search information. This call help a company who wants to track phone leads going back to the source and through their revenue.

cloud telephony campaign

A call tracking software is used to allow businesses to get credit for revenue and leads that are being generated. Tracking reports are also used to identify which search keywords, ads, and campaigns are working, and the ones, which are not. Enhancements will then be done in order to enhance lead generation, and maximize spending on ads.

5. Store or Person locator

Most likely, when customers become interested in the products offered by a company’s website, they will look for the locations where they can get the products from. The store or person locator is great software used to respond to different incoming calls. Intelligent call routing is implemented in order to win a sale. Calls are being routed depending on the needs of the business. This is done to make sure that the right representatives are available to respond wherever they may be.
All of these applications are cloud based. This means that there is no need to spend for expensive hardware and IT equipment for implementation. This is a better solution indeed.

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Michelle Patterson is an avid technology blogger and writes about IP/VoIP and Unified Communication. She is currently working with leading tech companies researching the trends of  modern communication technologies.

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