Create Iron Man HUD Effect


Create Iron Man HUD
Iron Man Heads Up Display Photo Effect

After spending a couple of hours Photoshopping, I had created the perfect Iron Man HUD effect template and promptly put my face in it. It was perfect. Boy did it give me a sense of satisfaction. Becoming Iron Man was on of my childhood dreams since forever.

These are the HUD elements/vectors that I included in the Iron Man HUD effect template

  1. Suit Diagnostics
  2. Flight Mode Indicator
  3. Retina Lock Indicator
  4. Altitude Indicator
  5. Skeleton of a Building on which you are going to land
  6. And other indicators which I can’t name. :P

I downloaded these elements from various sites (possibly violating some piracy rules) and modified them so that they are transparent and are essentially wire frame like images so that the face is seen through the gaps in the elements thus rendering it as if those HUD elements were present in front of my face. Photoshop pros call such elements as vectors.

Before showing it off to my super hero geek friends, I decided to do something more out of it. Something which other people would want and hence would pay money for my effort.

I started a Fiverr Gig from which people would place orders for me to create Iron Man HUD effect for them for just $5.

Here’s the promo video I created for it.

I hoped you liked the video. Place your order here if you want a pic of yourself in Iron Man Heads Up Display.

It will make a great profile picture for your social networking sites as well.

Note: To those who had been wondering how to create such effects using Photoshop, I recommend you to purchase Trick Photography and Special Effects E-Book. This is where I learnt most of my Photoshop special effect skills. You can create your own effects and also offer them on Fiverr for some extra cash just like I did.


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