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Five years ago if you wanted to draw some sort of technical diagram your best Diagram Software option was Microsoft Visio. If you’re on a Mac that option was OmniGraffle. They continue to be great for drawing diagrams, but they are damn expensive and not affordable to everyone. This is where and web based diagram software like Creately comes in very handy.
Creately is an award winning diagram software that was launched in DEMO 2008. If you don’t know what DEMO is, it is the conference that launched Google, Skype and much other prominent software. Since then it has grown in leaps and bounds and features prominently as a Visio alternative, even in the desktop software markets. Let’s explore some powerful and unique features in Creately.

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When Connectivity is Not a Problem

Anywhere access is a feature of almost all cloud based software. As long as you can connect to the Internet you can access and work on your diagrams. But Creately offers a truly unique anywhere access ability via their desktop software. If you don’t have Internet connectivity you create or modify your diagrams using the desktop version and once you connect to the Internet, your recent changes will be synced with the Creately online version. Extremely useful for busy users who are constantly on the move and don’t always have access to the Internet.

Templates to Get Started Quickly

Compared to other diagram alternatives, Creately offer thousands of diagram templates to get started quickly. Browse the diagram community, select a diagram you like and click the “Use as Template” button. The diagram will be opened in the editor with all the tools loaded. You can access all the templates even from the diagram editor by simple clicking the template button in the toolbar.

Support for Many Diagram Types
Problem with many Visio alternatives is that they support a limited amount of diagrams. Creately supports many commonly used diagram types. You can draw flowcharts, network diagrams, UML diagrams, mind maps, org charts, Venn diagrams, business process diagrams, Gantt charts and many more diagram types.
Draw Diagrams Together with Real-Time CollaborationWith real-time collaboration multiple users can modify the same diagram and see the changes made by each other instantly. There are countless ways how this feature can be used to improve your productivity. For example let’s say you want to outsource your web design. A typical project will involve a few meeting with the design company and countless emails to finalize the design. With Creately you can draw the initial mock up and share it with the design company. And online with them on the same document until you agree on a design. You can add elements, remove elements, reposition them and do all sorts of things. You save many hours spend on arguing about the design in email conversations.

Unique Features to Speed up Diagramming

When you’re going against Microsoft you need some unique features to get attention and Creately has plenty of them. Below are some of them

· Contextual Toolbar – Once you click on an object a toolbar will appear giving you different options. You can instantly create a link to another object, add text to that object etc.

· 1- Click Create and Connect – Another awesome time saving feature. With traditional diagram software you to add two objects and connect them you need 4-5 clicks in different locations. In Creately all it takes is one click.

· Separate Libraries for Less Clutter – All objects are grouped as libraries and loaded when necessary. So you won’t see flowchart objects when drawing wire-frames etc. Less object mean less clutter and more space to draw your diagram.

· Smart Objects that Store Data – Your diagrams are more than images. You can store data in your objects and other objects react to changes in those objects.

Mentioned above are some of the unique features, but there are plenty more waiting for you.
Try it and Feel the Difference

Still having doubts about trying the software? You can use Creately for free and draw up to five diagrams. The personal plans are starting at very affordable 5$ per month and even less if you’re going for a yearly plan.

Author bio:

Nishadha Silva is an online strategist who loves working with start-ups and tech businesses. During his leisure times he loves to travel and try out new delicacies.