Dell Latitude 10 Brief Review

Dell is experienced enough in serving the needs of your typical corporate user and the hardware manufacturer manages to effectively do that yet again through its brand new tablet, the Latitude 10. The Dell Latitude 10 is undoubtedly the solid, efficient and compact tablet that business users have been waiting for. With a battery that’s capable of lasting all day long, and a slew of features customized for corporate Windows users, the Latitude 10 is a valuable addition to the business tablet arena. Here are its main features.




The tablet is ideal for the constantly on-the-go business user due to the full-bodied magnesium alloy frame and the robust Corning Gorilla Glass IPS display. In contrast, the rear of the tablet is covered with a material that feels smooth to touch and instantly comfortable on being held in both hands. The Dell Latitude 10 measures 10.8x7x0.41 inches (HWD) and contains a USB 2.0 as well as a mini-HDMI port. Its weight of 1.57 pounds is more than that of its competitors largely due to the heavy battery. The Latitude 10 is nonetheless a portable tablet perfect for the traveling businessman.


The Latitude 10 has a 10.1-inch display size, pretty spacious for a tablet and therefore ideal for typing and viewing documents by business users. With a display resolution of 1366×768, the screen on the tablet is perfect for viewing image filled PowerPoint presentations and other work related documents. The screen also supports multiple gestures many of them involving the use of all 10 fingers. A Wacom stylus can also be used instead of your fingers. The tablet automatically disables touch gestures when the stylus is brought in contact with the screen. Storing the stylus may however pose a problem since there’s no slot on the tablet’s body.


The Dell Latitude 10 comes in three storage capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. While an expansion slot is present on the tablet the storage capacity is still an important matter to be considered when making a purchase. While the 128GB model is ideal for those who store large video files on their tablet to watch while on-the-go (something that this tablet’s long battery life hugely complements), the lower memory models would suffice for those who use Cloud storage.


Much like the other tablets in its category, the Dell Latitude 10 is powered by an Intel Atom Z2760 processor and has a 2GB RAM. While the processor is highly efficient when it comes to energy consumption it offers nothing exceptional by way of overall performance. Latitude 10 users will find that the tablet performs everyday tasks like emailing and using Office programs very well but fails to provide faster performance like the Surface Pro.

The Dell Latitude 10 is that rare breed of tablets that strongly insists on becoming your only PC and makes you seriously consider giving up your laptop altogether. Since it offers excellent support for all major Windows programs it may just manage to become the one indispensable device that every corporate user needs.