Dell Precision M4700 – Review

Dell-Precision-M4700The Dell Precision M4700 is a laptop with all the bells and whistles you’ll find in a desktop, without being as cumbersome.

Check out the specifications:

· Intel Ivy bridge processor, available in Core i5 and i7

· GPU: choice of NVIDIA Quadro mobile graphics chip, AMD Fire Pro or Intel 4000

· Display: 15.6 inch screen with UltraSharp FHD with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels

· Storage: 750 GB, RAM: 16 GB, expandable up to 32 GB

· Battery life 6 hours plus

· Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular Connectivity

· Windows 7 OS, with option for Windows 8

· Blu-Ray Player, DVD read write drive

· Optional: Multi touch trackpad and track stick, HD webcam, backlit keyboard

· IT serviceable system; easy upgrading, installing or changing of parts possible.

What these specifications mean is that this speedy, expandable and reliable mobile workstation. The drive bay easily pops out meaning you can access the chassis o make whatever changes you wish, like configuring multiple drives, or installing an SSD in the mini card slot.

The Dell Precision M4700 is, as laptops go, a big guy, at 15 x 10 inches and 7 pounds; it’s a very powerful system. The size is reminiscent of earlier laptops.
At the bottom, there is a docking port for Dell’s E Family docks; these include docks that let you connect up to 4 monitors, or peripherals like PS/2 or Parallel ports. There are 4 USB ports, two each of 2.0 and 3.0 versions, an HDMI out, VGA port, card readers for SD cards and Smart cards, Ethernet port and a FireWire port too. So there’s hardly anything that you cannot connect to this machine, except perhaps Thunderbolt, which isn’t very popular in the windows ecosystem yet.

The display is superb, with vivid colors, minute details and sharp images. Thanks to the anti-glare coating, you can rest assured your eyes will be unharmed even after hours of staring at the screen! It is possible to launch several windows simultaneously without losing a lot of data to toolbar space.

The speakers are pretty decent too; they will serve the purpose in a reasonably sized conference room, but don’t expect fireworks. If you’re throwing a party, you may want to consider external speakers.
The machine is also pretty sturdy and is able to withstand minor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and vibration and is pretty much resistant to shock and dust.

You can configure the trackpad for dual finger gestures, and even scroll with a single finger; the pointing stick includes a row of buttons beneath the space bar. There are four settings for the backlit keyboard so you can adjust the brightness as you want.

Pros : Excellent display, quad core CPU and high quality graphics, great battery life, expandable and versatile, IT serviceable, multi drive capability, multiple ports

Cons : Lacks Thunderbolt port, WWAN available only in 3G and no differentiation of USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

Conclusion :

This powerful machine is good to be used for apps like CAD or PRO/Engineer, and not just emailing and creating documents. It’s a reliable machine with superb performance and robust build.

There are very few mobile workstations that can compare to the power and speed of the Dell Precision M4700, and gets a big thumbs-up from me.

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