Manage Your Files Better with DropIt and SortMyBox

 Clean hard DiskIn the long run, the hard disk gathers in-numerous files and folders that give the user a world- size headache. It is almost impossible to organize or delete these files manually. Hard disk becomes almost a trash for all the unwanted files, it could be a temp file or any kind of needless item and when you want to save an important document, you run out of space in the hard disk. So situation could go even worse, if you let them be where they are.

When you delete a file, it stays in the Recycle bin, which means your hard disk is still not free of that particular file. To sort this problem of organizing and deleting files, we have found few tools that can manage the files of your system in a far better manner. So, here yoare to get your way through useful computer file management software.

Droplt—Drive your files your way!


Droplt, a file management tool that needs you to set certain rules in it, so that it can organize the files according to the type of files, it comes across. For example—it can organize all .jpg and .png files in ‘images’ folder, it can sort .zip files in some ‘xyz’ folder and delete all .tmp files. All you need to do is configure a set of rules and Droplt will follow these rules, to separate out the files and send them to their respective folders or delete them.

Once you configure the rules, it will run in the background to keep an eye on the kind of files that flow into the system, to process them. It shows a progress bar and it will notify the user, when it faces a problem to recognize the kind of file.

SortMyBox—Have a neat Dropbox!

SortMyBox is another utility that can organize the files in your messy Dropbox. Of course, one cannot expect the Dropbox to be neat, as many users share several sort of files on this platform and manually deleting a file from this platform isn’t a good idea, as other user may be in need of that file. However, you can organize your files in a neat manner, by making use of SortMyBox tool.

Once you start using SortMyBox tool, it will create a SortMyBox folder into the Dropbox. Like Droplt, you need to configure a bunch of rules for the files that are landing into the SortMyBox folder. The rules are applied to the files that are in that specific folder. SortMyBox will take files from this folder and place them at the right place, which is being set by the user. This way it will organize all files, which arrive into your Dropbox.

Use these apps and get rid of the worry, about the management of files that come to your computer or Dropbox.

Author bio:

Mia Eddy of mytechgurus, a leading online tech support services. Apart from writing she also makes reviews on the latest technologies and services on demand.