eFax App for Android – Indepth Review

Now there’s no need to burden your hectic business life with expensive fax appliances and ink costs or bother about replenishing reams of paper. Because, to assist your enterprise and help you relax, here comes eFax – the nifty internet-run Android fax application.

Presenting a thorough evaluation of eFax:

Version Rudiments

a) eFax  edition was released on 13th February 2013.

b) The app measures 2.1 megabytes in size, requires Android version 2.2 or higher in order to operate, and may be utilized on all supported mobile devices and even desktops.

a) eFax  may be downloaded from the Google Play store at


Pricing and Other Conditions

After installation, the app may either be used via a 30-day sample period or straightway through two paid plans that are described below:

1) eFax Plus: This plan comes with a monthly usage price tag of USD 16.95 per month; however if you choose a yearly option the discounted monthly usage price would come to around USD 14.13. One also has to expend USD 10 as an initial startup charge.

The eFax Plus plan allows you to send and receive 150 fax pages collectively – if this limit is exceeded you would need to pay a per-page consumption charge of 10 cents.

2) eFax Pro: The premium Pro plan is priced at USD 19.95 for a month of usage, which approximates to USD 16.63 if you take a discounted yearly subscription. Over and above this, again, an initial startup amount of USD 10 needs to be paid.

This plan permits you to dispatch and receive 200 fax pages in total – if this figure is breached you’d be required to pay a 10-cent per-page consumption fee as before. A special voicemail attribute with message retrieval properties is a highlight of the Pro plan.


a) The app is actually a cinch to set up. Simply obtain unique fax and personal identification numbers through the intuitive user interface, enter your contact details, create an eFax.com online account (personal email can also be used), and you’re good to start faxing.

b) To send a fax:

· You can attach and send the fax document through email by suffixing “@efaxsend.com” to the recipient’s fax number.

· Alternatively, you may send the fax document through your eFax account.

c) Faxes are received via email or through your account (as the case may be).


eFax (2013) has a wealth of inbuilt facets:

a) Firstly, the online account offers neat features like multi-format fax documentation, archive viewing, online assistance, and account customization.

b) The app allows you to easily assign your digital signature to fax documents, either via your account or the accompanying eFax Messenger application.

c) You can send and even forward faxes to numerous recipients simultaneously.

d) You may attach and send email-embedded, cloud, and personal files as faxes. In case of photos, the built-in system cleverly boosts image quality before faxing.
e) Keyword searching is facilitated by the intelligent interface.

f) You can also harness cover documentation and contact list features.


The prohibitive pricing of the app is, really, the only real demerit. This apart, eFax (2013) is decidedly a very handy app being universally praised for its ingenuity and user-friendliness.

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