Evidence builds for champagne gold iPhone 5S

While Apple‘s lines of desktops, laptops and music players have traditionally been available in a wide range of colours, its premium products have rarely gotten that distinction – most notably its premium line of iPhone smartphones. According to a rumour that keeps growing in strength, Apple is set to buck that trend by releasing their next flagship phone with two additional colour options: gold and graphite.

The gold colour was reported first – initially by Chinese suppliers and then later confirmed by bigger names like Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and The Verge. The gold colour itself also went through a period of transition as it was reported, at first appearing to be a rather gaudy and bright colour and then later seeming to settle on a more dignified champagne note. With the scale and quantity of leaks showing the new colour option, it seems inevitable that Apple will indeed show off such a phone. It’s possible of course that it will be a special edition, potentially paired with 128 GB of flash storage – again a first for an iPhone.

The second colour is said to be graphite, a kind of grey colour that sits nicely between the white and black options that have defined iPhones for so long. A graphite sim card tray was pictured, as well as a frame that looked similar. As many commentators have pointed out though, a similar effect can be achieved by pairing a white chassis with black caps and tilting the camera slightly.

iphone gold grey black

Of course, there’s an even more colourful iPhone also coming up, thought to be called the iPhone Color or iPhone 5C. This low-cost plastic-backed iPhone should come in around half a dozen colour options, offering another option for consumers who’d previously relied on iPhone cases to differentiate themselves.

iphone gold grey black 1
Both iPhone models are expected to be unveiled at an Apple event in early September. Right now that date is thought to be the 10th, but it remains unconfirmed by the Californian company. Apple generally send out their press invitations a week beforehand, so we should know the date by September 3rd if that date is accurate.

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