Fake Samsung Galaxy S3 available for less than $200

Within 45 days of the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Chinese phone makers created a knock off version of the Galaxy S3 and are selling it for less than $200 which is just 25% of the price of the original Galaxy S3. It’s reported that thousands have already been sold. Some of the buyers knew that the phone was a fake, but said it was worth it because it seems actually useful and does not lag at all, it’s cheap and dream come true of “owning” an awesome phone such as the Galaxy S3.

The phone runs on Android 2.3(Ginger Bread), comes with a decent 1GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4.7” capacitive display, VGA front-facing snapper and 5Mp rear-facing camera.
The user interface is pretty smooth and can handle many games including Temple Run and Angry Birds which is astonishing. It visually looks like the real thing, but obviously a bit more thicker. Other ways to identify it is that the screen is not an AMOLED and the Samsung logo is bigger.