LG Flexible Smartphone- LG G Flex with comes with Self Healing Technology

LG has announced that the first “flexible smartphone“, the LG G Flex with a curved OLED coupled with self-healing technology, will be in Dutch stores from late February.

In addition to the vertical curved screen, the LG G Flex also features a self-healing coating on the back of the unit. Small (superficial) scratches can easily be wiped away. The LG G Flex can take a beating. If you sit down with the phone placed in your back pocket, the phone will not be dmaged. The Korean manufacturer thinks, following predictions of DisplaySearch, that within 5 years, 4 out of 10 smartphones will have a flexible OLED Display.

The LG G Flex is going to be sold in the Netherlands by T-Mobile in several independent telecom shops (such as Phone House) and shops. The retail price is € 749 Euro.

How flexible is the G Flex you see in the video below by PhoneArena.com.