Gifts For the Traveling Gamer: 6 Gadgets That Can Go In a Backpack

As a serious gamer its hard to stuff a gaming computer or console into a backpack, so here are a few options that easily stuff into a solar-recharging backpack.

1- Retro Gaming Fix – The Atari Arcade for iPad

Atari Arcade for iPad

Atari fans will love this iPad docking station with its classic red line design. It seamlessly supports all Atari games available for the 20-inch iPad. This gaming console and iPad docking station is a retro gear style joystick and four button control pad. As it is roughly the same size as the iPad, it easily slips into a backpack. The one downside is that players have to take turns since its a single joystick docking station. And don’t get too enthusiastic while playing, the joystick IS the docking station.

2 – Old School Gaming Fix – Nintendo Gaming Dock

nintendo 64 ipad docking station

This cool, backpack friendly gaming dock turns most iPad devices into a high-definition gaming console for two. The dual controllers are totally old-school Nintendo and the console allows you to play any Nintendo game available on iPad. The only downside is that the controllers are hard-wired and the cords are short. Since the controllers are directly linked to the docking station, you cant throw the controllers if you lose, or else the iPad goes crashing to the floor.

3 – Key Fob Power –


This is a typical iOS game controller with an added bonus, it is also a key-locator. Press the “Locate” button on any iPad device to retrieve the keys. The key fob device easily slips into any pocket with your key-chain and is slightly bigger than a garage door opener fob. Appease most gamer parents or iPad aficionados. The slim design works much like a TV remote crossed with an old-school game controller.

4 – A Controller To-Go – The Drone

drone bluetooth wireless game controller for tablets and smartphones

This is a sleek and sexy little black controller and a must-have for a complex iOS experience. This modern and ergonomic controller connects to iOS devices via bluetooth. The best part is the nearly ZERO lag. Not only does it support iOS and android, it will also work with most iCAD-supported and PC games too. It is about half the size of modern PS3 controllers and super sensitive to touch.

5 – Whats Popular – Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS

An upgrade from the ever popular Gameboy and by far, the best portable gaming device on the marketing, the Nintendo DS is about as big as two large cellphones and there are hundreds of games available. The DS3 is now available and features even better graphics and games than the previous versions. The best part of this device is the ability to play nearly any game made for other devices which has been revamped to play in the DS3. Its very versatile since it plays games geared for nearly every age level.

– Solar-Gamer Backpack

Solar gamer backpack

Where would us gamers be without a power source. Why relegate what we can do with what fits into our backpack and our gaming locations to where we can find a power source? For the serious gamer who travels a lot, solar recharging stations can take their gaming experience off the beaten path or on the road anywhere. They simply need full sunshine and the right adapter to recharge their favorite devices while they are stashed safely inside.

Author bio – Jack Smith is an avid gamer, computer tech, and electronic product reviewer. He prefers PC style MMORPGS and is consistently trying out new products to keep his preteen son busy while on the road.

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