Google Goggles Are Here !

Google have invented a pair of internet-connected spectacles which will make your life flash before your eyes.

If you want to know the time, the temperature, talk to a friend or get directions to that café you read about in a magazine, it will all appear as if by magic in front of you. Called Google Goggles, they are not yet on sale, but a promotional video released by the company has shaken up the technology world and prompted claims they could revolutionise the way we live.

The wraparound glasses feature a miniature display that sits above one eye, allowing users to surf the internet, make video calls, listen to music and update the diary without lifting a finger. The screen is controlled by voice and by tilting your head, so one catch may be a few funny looks in the street.

A prototype is being tweaked and tested in public by the company’s employees before it goes on sale. The technology is known as ‘wearable computing’ and is expected to launch a new generation of gadgets which display a layer of information over everything the wearer sees – bringing together the search engine, GPS tracking, a phone and a camera.

Applications featuring ‘virtual reality’ situations could be offered in future. This is the first glimpse of the glasses after months of speculation. Reports suggest the price will be comparable with the smartphone.

The demo shows off Google Maps being ‘added’ to the real world – providing real-time directions from your current location.

In demonstrations, the glasses are mainly voice-controlled, using
voice commands to bring up contacts, send emails and search.

The glasses also allow users to record and share videos from a
built-in camera, just like on YouTube.

The eyewear appears to have a streamlined design despite all the functionality it is suggested to include.

They did not give any indication about when the device might go on sale or what it would cost.