Green technology – an eco-friendly approach to development

Green Technology

With global warming continuing to impose upon us, and the world’s temperature getting just that little bit warmer, it’s not hard to see why many businesses are looking at green alternatives.

Businesses are perhaps one of the largest producers of greenhouses gases in the world, and with the amount of electricity that each business uses on a regular basis, it’s not hard to see why. That’s why as we move into the 21st century, it’s crucial that software developers look at ways to really reduce carbon emissions.

Now it’s not always easy for a software developer to look at the way that they can cut down their carbon footprint, after all, just turning off a computer is not a suitable solution to the problem. If you are currently working as a software developer then there are many things that you can do to make your business more eco-friendly and really give back to the environment as a result!

Ways that you can look to reduce your carbon emissions:

1. Don’t leave your computer on standby –

Ok so this is a pretty obvious one, but it does ring true and if you are looking to cut back emissions and if you are the type of person that leaves your computer on overnight then you are contributing towards greenhouse emissions. Turn it off and you will save not only the environment, but also your pocket Green Technology

2. Reusing elements –

If you are looking to improve the effectiveness of your program then you may look to reuse
code to give your program a faster execution speed. Over time this will decrease the amount of electricity needed and your carbon footprint.

3. Only use the power that’s needed –

It’s easy to over complicate software development and create a program that uses far more energy than it needs to.
In turn this program will likely generate a great deal of heat and you will use even more power trying to cool it down. Combat this by being thorough in your planning and use only what’s needed!

Many software development firms are embracing the need for increasingly “green” technologies and are starting to incorporate this way of thinking into the way that they design new software. This is a benefit to both the environment and companies who may be looking to cut costs and improve their environmental awareness at the same time.

Software which is developed with green technology in mind will usually incorporate power-saving and increasingly efficient concepts, in turn you will find that these will likely save you money and help increase the productivity of your business at the same time!