Hitting Existential Crisis

It’s almost the end of January 2019 and for the past few days I’ve been a little off mentally. Everything feels not real. Like everything is a simulation and temporary. The ‘Time’ Inception theme by Hans Zimmer playing in the back of my mind might be the culprit.

This weekend, I was able to finish watching the Python 3 playlist by thenewboston. I was exploring his channel more than I’d like to admit, and boy is he eccentric. I’m going to start solving some leetcode in python now. On the side, I will learn git and github as I have used only subversion at work. One website to check out is learngitbranching.js.org and as usual, YouTube videos.

My health is slightly off with coughs and general feeling of unwellness. Hoping it will be completely gone very soon.

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