How Amazon Will Compete in 2013

In the race to become the leader for the future of innovation among Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon; the big four are hard at work designing and implementing a successful strategy for 2013. Of the four tech businesses, Amazon is the only content oriented competitor. Although Amazon is a buying machine that dabbles in advertising, the heart of the company lies in selling you stuff plain and simple. With internet speeds continuing to speed up through ISP‘s, hotspots and wireless internet providers, the race is heating up to be #1.

What can we expect from Amazon in 2013?

Despite the sales driven guiding principle, analysts predict that Amazon will go head to head with two out of the three 2013 predominant ecosystems. This comes to no surprise because in order to increase market share and grow, you have to expand into arenas that already exist. The catch is that Amazon will have to differentiate itself from its competitors in previously existing markets and find a way to achieve its goals in a less costly and more efficient manner.

Rumors have been circulating for years about the introduction of an Amazon phone. In 2013, it is highly likely that we will see the first-ever custom phone by Amazon. With an Android-based platform, the “Amdroid” will unify incongruent apps like Amazon MP3, Amazon Instant Video, the shopping app, and Kindle. To sweeten the deal, Amazon could potentially subsidize the data plans of carriers. An Amazon phone would ultimately reinforce their overall strategy by making buying as easy as possible.

Amazon Phone

Looking beyond the obvious of increasing reach by offering a phone, Amazon has a more few tricks up its sleeve to offer creative new buying platforms. One such example is the SyncAppLink. For just $24.99, a year, Ford has teamed up with Amazon’s Cloud Player so drivers can access as many as 250,000 songs on the cloud using hands-free voice control to recall songs.

Another highly lucrative arena to enter is the television entertainment market. Amazon’s current video streaming service does not hold a candlestick to the likes of Netflix and other big names. One would be a fool to assume that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is not sitting in his office conjuring up ways to create a stake hold in the television industry. Rumors have been circulating about a potential acquisition of Roku, a leader in TV streaming entertainment devices. If the Roku buyout does not come to light, we can certainly expect Amazon to develop a device of its own.

Jeff Bezos Amazon
Jeff Bezos with the Kindle fire

Amazon can compete in hardware, has the ability to unsettle major book publishers, and possesses cloud computing power of a new kind. In 2013 and years to come, we can expect to see in increased presence of the cloud infrastructure in more components of Amazon’s business.

With Amazon’s cloud business, an undeniable stronghold in retail, and the future oriented vision of its CEO, Amazon will enjoy unrestrained growth. However, of the three predominant ecosystems, Amazon continues to steer clear of social media. Mark Zuckerberg and the people behind Facebook have essentially monopolized that competitive arena.

In 2013, Amazon will continue to be a player in advertising, hardware and media and strive to remain one step ahead of the competition.

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