How people started making money from blogs

In the days of pen and paper, people used to write diaries to express their feelings and emotions. In today’s world where everything is online, the world discovered the word “blog” which is nothing but the contraction of the words “web log”. People in earlier days (1980’s) started using this as an online diary which was more or less accessed only by them or their family members .

As time went by, people started using these more and more which resulted in the exchange of each other’s blog and the message started spreading a round.

Looking at the kind of popularity of these blogs – several websites came up with the concept of blogging , a platform for blogging. These are sites like Blogger, WordPress, etc. They offered easy to use tools and options to login and become a free member. In other words, it allowed people to build communities. They allowed people to leave comments on each other’s blogs.

Well before you know, the marketing guys were all over this. They targeted the blogs with advertisements. People started placing ads all  over their blogs – on top, the sides, the bottom and in between text. This is how early adaptors of the blogging world made their money; just pure advertisement on their blogs.

As marketers found the opportunity to target niche blogging communities to advertise, the bloggers also saw the opportunity to make money from it. This is where we are toda y, with over 130+ million blogs on the internet. Hundreds, if not thousands of new ones are started everyday.

Well rest is history and I don’t want to bore you with the definition and history of blogs.
Here‘s a story of an Indian blogger who makes US $36,000 / month.