Finance Superstars and their Keyword SEO Practices

keywords seo

When it comes to the finance niche, we often think that big companies and tycoons rule the keywords in the search engines; admittedly, it’s a broad niche and the competition is high. There’s a vast range of keywords in the finance niche that would be those real “keys” to your website.

The Perfect Mix for SEO

Along with the right keywords and top it off with white hat link building techniques, your vision of landing on the first pages on the SERPs wouldn’t be such a far-fetched dream anymore. After selecting a specific category in the finance niche, consider the “search volume” and the “competition” of the keywords. While it is true that highly competitive keywords would bring in more people to your website, it is still without a doubt that high competition will constrict your chances of landing that page on the top results.

keywords seo

One factor you must practice is targeting low competition keywords or “long tail keywords”; use that as your leverage to build your rank. Get profitable keywords with low competition that you can benefit from. On the other hand, if you want a free tool to check out those keywords, you can always use Google’s Keyword Tool

Finance Superstars with their SEO Keywords

Here are professionals with their web pages on the first page using their search terms. These are low-competition keywords that can inspire you to go white hat with your SEO.

The following list was taken from Investment Pal, with edits due to the fact that the list was compiled almost a year ago. Considering the changes made by Google on their algorithm, and some websites might have gained more link juice throughout the whole span of time between the time this was compiled by now. I only considered the first 10 results to emphasize how striking their SEO practices made it possible to the top place in the SERPs.

· Brock & Associates, Financial Planning > “selecting a financial planner” > Rank 1

· Neal Frankle, Wealth Resources Group > “what is personal liability insurance” -Rank 1

· Jay Calafiore, Mortgage Architects > “how a mortgage works” -Rank 2

· Ken Faulkenberry, Arbor Investment Planner > “advantages of roth ira” -Rank 3

· William Brighenti, CPA Connecticut > “quickbooks chart of accounts” -Rank 3

· Jim Yih, Think Box > “how to minimize taxes” -Rank 3

· Jeff Rose, Alliance Wealth Management > “average retirement savings” -Rank 4

· Realty Austin > “where to live in Austin” -Rank 4

· David & John Compton, First Security Financial > “401k tax deduction” -Rank 5

So, tap into the gold mine of long tailed keywords and beat your competition.

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