How to choose keywords: My secret formula revealed

Keyword Selection as you already know can make or break your Internet Marketing journey to success. This is often the most ignored step by many new wannabe internet marketeers. They think just writing lots of quality content will help them rank in search engines.

how to choose keywords long tail pro

Lots of quality content is only part of the BIG equation to cracking the organic traffic formula. Google of course will not let in on their secrets. But some of the experienced internet marketeers like myself have learnt it the hard way – Trial and Error over the years. Most of them don’t want to share their secrets in-order to avoid competition. But I think otherwise. Sharing such knowledge helps in making the web a better place where webmasters like yourself can provide quality content to readers and you in turn can make a very good profit for your efforts.

It’s a Win-Win situation.

In this post I will tell you exactly how to choose keywords so that you as a webmaster as well as your readers can benefit from it. I also encourage you to share this method with others for the same reason stated above.

Moving on, here’s my step by step guide to choose keywords for your website or blog so that your site may dominate the Google organic search results.

how to choose keywords

1. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential visitor

Assume your website is about smartphones. What would you as a customer search for in the Google search bar?

Best smartphones under $225

Smartphone with long battery life

are some of the queries which you may consider. The keywords which you came up with in the first step may not be the actual terms which your visitors may use because your lingo will be very different considering your expertise in the field. Your visitors will use very simple terms. Instead of focussing onĀ Smartphones with Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, focus on Smartphones with 8MP camera. Bottom line is to think like your customer. This can be easier said then done. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Using Keyword Research Tools

I’m sure you can come up with no more than 5 keywords from the previous step. This is why professional Internet Marketeers use keyword research tools to make their job easier and in-turn multiply their profits by being more efficient in the process.

Paid Keyword Research Tools: Long tail keywords are 4-5 word phrases which your potential visitor might search for. Software tools such as Long Tail Pro pick the right long tail keywords for you.

I recommend anyone who wants to take up Internet Marketing seriously to use Long Tail Pro. Here’s why –

  • Less competition for long tail keywords, hence higher ranking in search engines
  • Highly targeted visitors ( Those who search for Smartphones with 8 MP camera )
  • Long tail keywords have high conversion rates. More sales for you

Choosing long tail keywords for this blog made me dominate organic search results with ease. You can purchase Long Tail Pro from their Official Site. Payment gateway used is Clickbank which is their official digital vendor.

Free keyword Research Tools: Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the most well known free tool. Using this can be a bit overwhelming for new IMers. Google AdWords tool is not designed to help you rank well in organic search results. It is infact built to help you in bidding for keywords in their pay per click advertising program. And you have to check for keywords manually and it will only give you the competition, search volume and bidding cost. It doesn’t suggest new keywords for you. Nevertheless, with careful planning and trial and error you can make efficient use of this tool and succeed.

3. Tracking your site stats

Check the keywords which your site is already ranking for in the organic queries tab in your Google Analytics account and focus on those keywords too along with the keywords which you got from the above steps.

And my last step to dominating organic search,

4. Grouping your keywords

Group the keywords which you just found into 2 groups – Primary and Secondary.

The Primary group should consist of your main focus keywords. These keywords must be highly specific.

Example – HTC Smarphones with 8MP camera, Smartphones with octa-core processors.

The Secondary group should consist of slightly generalised keywords.

Example – Smartphones with 8MP camera, Waterproof smartphones.

This simple 4 step guide on how to choose keywords, if followed properly will rank your website higher in organic search results within a matter of 1 or 2 weeks.

Go ahead and take action.

Here’s an optional video on how to choose keywords –


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