How to get away with being productive

Through out the day, I get awesome ideas and inspiration to just start something. Be it creating a useful Android app, A SaaS product, An eCommerce website, an honest profitable business making sufficient income to re invest, etc. But when I actually have time and when I’m sitting in front of my computer, I just go blank not knowing where to start.

I end up browsing Reddit and YouTube through out the weekend. What I had planned and fantasized about doing in the past week leading upto the weekend, I get nothing done.

One main reason is not knowing where and how to start. The goals just seems too big and insurmountable.

Just browsing /r/entrepreneur and /r/cscareerquestions is not getting me anywhere.

Neither am I working on starting an online business nor am I improving my coding and comp sci knowledge.

Sitting in my room with no one or nothing to push me, I just slack.

Again when Monday comes, the cycle repeats – Come up with ideas -> Wait for weekend to work on it -> Do nothing.

One solution/hack that I plan to do is break down that supposedly insurmountable goal in tiny quantifiable atomic steps that can be done.

  1. Start the day accomplishing small tasks so you feel good about it. You will slowly become addicted to getting things done and feeling good thanks to endorphins and dopamine being released.
  2. Browsing, email, social media shouldn’t be the first thing you get into.
  3. Play music so you get a sense of time passing with the number of songs played.

My current short term goal checklist –

  • Learn using Cloud services hands on – Oracle Cloud and AWS. Both offer free trials.
  • Set up my own Webservice.
  • Offer WordPress website creation service in this blog.

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