How To Host Your Mini Website On Dropbox for Free

host-website-in-dropboxThis article will provide you the steps using which you can host your website on Dropbox for free.

For those who do not know, Dropbox is an online service that allows you to store, sync and share content like photos documents and videos online. Dropbox offers free 2GB storage space. Additional storage if required can be purchased or earned by referring others to download it.

Follow the steps below to host your mini website on Dropbox.

The ‘Public’ folder provides a direct link to the file placed in this folder and you can easily share this link with anyone via social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on. This folder is convenient for large files.

We will be using this folder to host your mini website.

Because Dropbox is free and allows you to upload files easily (without knowledge of FTP). When I say small site I am talking of a website designed with iWeb which comes with all Macs but the hosting solution that is presented by Apple MobileMe, which costs € 79 / year.

Obviously, first you must create a Dropbox account if you do not have one. Then you need to create a site (eg with iWeb ) and then export the site to a folder (with iWeb : File / Publish to a Folder).

Then you need to upload the file in the ‘Public’ folder of your Dropbox, using either the web interface or using the Dropbox software (Mac, Windows, Linux). Then get the ‘Public’ link from your HTML file. Now your website is hosted on Dropbox for free!

To simplify things you can create a redirection from a domain name or create a small URL using services such as Tinyurl or

Of course this method is limited to static pages as the Dropbox servers will not interpret PHP and use will remain restricted lest the public folder blocked.