How To Launch Your New Website Successfully.

So, you have this cool idea of implementing and launching your own website? Great! This article will give you some ideas on how to launch your new website and gain traffic a bit more faster than everyone else. After all, more traffic equals more money and more branding for the product that you are promoting.

The preparation and launch of a new website should be anticipated long before its actual creation, for greater efficiency. Since search engines take into account the age of a site to promote its presence in the ranking results, the aim of the game is to buy the domain name as soon as possible, even if the project is still embryonic. Thus, when the actual date of launch of your site arrives, it will already be a few months old.

Some companies even prefer to buy old domain names, a little more expensive, but its online presence is effective for several years. However, the seniority may be reset with the change of ownership. Know that more and more professionals believe that Google, the leading search engine penalizes new sites for some very competitive themes. The phenomenon is the “sandbox” effect and can last six months.

Create a simple homepage where you describe that your new site will be created. Indicate the date of launch. Specify what your site will contain. Also you can include a email subscription box for users to leave their email address to be notified on the day of launch. Thus, you will begin to get loyal readers even before the launch of your new website.

Some sites even directly create a blog to share ideas with visitors and discuss the project.

Once you have your domain name and your home page, you can begin indexing. This is to ensure that search engines find your new page and appear in the search engine results page. This can take a month depending on the energy or the money so you deploy as much to go early.

Some webmasters think saving money by buying the domain name at the last minute. Result is they lose a month with a site where there will be one. Make sure that the page that you ask to link itself is indexed in the engines. To do this, Google search to see if it can be found or that it exists. Best if you already have another site, is to use it to help the new page. If you know some of your friends whose site is already launched, you can also ask a little help by linking to your home page. Another way to bring the indexing of your site is to write articles related to your theme and publish them on blogs accepting guest posts and a whole lot of other similar sites.


If you followed all these steps, it is likely that on the day of the official launch of your website, you will enjoy the immediate benefits of your work with a site already indexed and ready for SEO.

As you took a few months in advance, you’ll even get the chance to have a PageRank on your home page. For those who do not know what Google Page Rank is, it represents the “popularity” of a site. Higher the number of quality sites linking to your website, higher your site’s page rank will be. Although PageRank is obsolete now, some nostalgic souls are still addicted.

I wish you all the best in creating and launching your new website. You can show off and promote it in the comment box below.