How To Root Your HTC Smartphone.

So, you want to root your Android HTC smartphone? Just follow these steps and enjoy the benefits of your rooted Android HTC smartphone.

There are few pre-requisites before you get started : Please be careful in following the steps given below. Make sure that ClockworkMod Recovery is available for your device.

1) Java JDK : This is required to prepare the SDK. You can download it here.

2) Android SDK : Click here to download Andoid SDK.

3) HTC USB Drivers : Download HTC Sync from here. HTC Sync has all the USB drivers.

4) USB Debugging : Enable USB Debugging by going to Settings ->Applications ->Development.

5) Do a Backup : It is necessary to make a backup of all your applications on a medium other than the internal memory (SD card or synchronization account in the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync etc) with the app “App Backup and Restore”. It is also advisable to set up automatic synchronization of your or all of your Google accounts.

 6) Unlock the bootloader by following the instructions here.

7) Delete User Data : This is done using the command ‘ fastboot – w .

8) Update the Firmware (optional): It is possible to flash a firmware JellyBean or any other version of Android, but I do not see the benefit of not having the latest version. You can choose any, provided that you use your own radio operator. I do not recommend at this time to flash a ROM other than the official versions, this could interfere with the result of the manipulation.

9) ClockworkMod Recovery : ClockworkMod Flasher is performed in fastboot mode ‘ fastboot flash recovery name-of-picture ‘ A Picture Search ClockworkMod is required for your device. If CWM is not available, you can try with TWRP or MobileODIN, but I have not had the opportunity to test them.

10) The Rooting: SuperSU installation SuperSU is made by ClockworkMod in Recovery mode with the file is available here

 The alert -“! SuperSU Requires a rooted device!” is not applicable in our situation. And now your devce is rooted. You can test if you actually got the root privileges using true merit all boils developers CWM and the SuperSU.

Also see the video for rooting HTC One below.