Steps to Setup JioFi Hotspot Device

jiofi hotspot setupThe need to always stay connected with people and updated with global developments has led to the innovation of revolutionary technologies. These include cellular networks like 2G and 3G, also referred to as second generation and third generation technologies. However, both these networks have not gained as much favor with users as 4G has.

The 2G and 3G networks were able to offer data facilities to people without the need to be connected to broadband services. However, these technologies were incapable of meeting the standards of speed and connectivity that could make streaming, downloading, or uploading content a seamless process. This problem though was effectively solved by 4G, one of the recent cellular network technologies.

4G hotspot devices

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is considered to be the best form of 4G technology as compared to others like HSPA+21/42 and WiMAX. It offers comparatively better upload and download speeds because of optimal coverage. However, to experience services of 4G in India, you do not necessarily have to own a smart phone. 4G-LTE Wi-Fi devices that operate on data SIM cards are one of the best options. These are portable and capable of connecting up to 10 or more devices simultaneously. Additionally, they are sleek and pocket-sized making them a light-weight option to carry wherever you go. With the SIM card inserted, such devices tap into a carrier’s 4G network and share the connection with the devices that are linked to it. Some of these devices also have USB ports, which allow you to share files conveniently.

About JioFi

The JioFi is one such 4G Wi-Fi hotspot device by Reliance Jio. The recommended number of devices that it can connect to is 10, but up to 32 devices can share the connection. It functions on a Jio SIM card. If you plan on buying the JioFi, here are the steps to setup JioFi Wi-Fi connection and enjoy the high-speed 4G-LTE services.

Steps to setup JioFi hotspot device

Setup JioFi SSID password
Note the JioFi SSID and Password

After purchasing the device, to setup JioFi you need to remove the rear cover of JioFi and insert the Jio SIM card. You will need an activated Jio SIM card for operating the portable device. When you open the back cover of the device, you can put a MicroSD card in the device’s slot and fit in the battery. Remember to note down the password and SSID of the device printed near the SIM tray before putting back the rear cover and starting your Wi-Fi device. Thereafter, with the charger provided, ensure you charge the battery of your JioFi device adequately. To start the device, keep your finger pressed against the power button until the lights on the OLED display turn on.

To test the network, switch on your laptop or smart phone and type the SSID name that was printed near the SIM tray. When the search is complete and the JioFi device is detected, enter the password that you had retrieved with the SSID code. Your laptop or phone will then connect to the hotspot network once and you can start using its high-speed 4G services. Later on, it is important that you change your password and the SSID code by opening the administration panel of the router for complete security. Additionally, the default password and login name for both, which is ‘administrator’, will also have to be changed by you.

The JioFi device is currently offered with the new Jio Happy New Year Offer, which is available for all Jio users. Since the device works on a Jio SIM card, you can use free data services on JioFi without having to opt for a tariff plan till 31st March 2017. You can now buy your JioFi device and enjoy free services and superior connectivity even while traveling.

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