How to Speed-Up IDM?

how-to-speed-up-IDMIf you are using Microsoft’s Internet explorer, then you might be aware of IDM (Internet Download Manager). This is a utility app as it acts as a single organizational platform for multiple downloads. If you have been a loyal user of IE for a long time, you also have not forgotten those days when you have to restart your whole download, if download is interrupted (due to connection loss or due to power cut). In all these circumstances IDM is more than useful.

Newer IDMs are also going well with other browsers also. There are number of download managers are available in the market (Flashget, Speedbit). Still IDM is best among them. It increases the download speed as compared to custom download from IE. Still, you are not satisfied with the increased speed provided by the very shareware developed by Tonec Inc. then here are certain tips, tricks and precautions. If you are using OS from UNIX Like family you can go for Download Manager for Linux.


· There are two basic setups you have to take into consideration. One is a software- Firewall and a hardware- Router. For efficient use of download manager, you should add exception for IDM in setup of firewall and router.

· Update your Anti-virus regularly, so that your setup and soft wares can be protected from any outside attack.


1. Double click the icon IDM, choose “Option” in the “Download Menu”. Then click on “Connections”. Choose “Connection Type” and select LAN 10Mbs. This trick will work for connections having speed of 10Mbs or above. If you are using less then 10Mbs connection then in connection tab, Select “other” as connection type and “999999bps” as speed.

2. Double click the icon IDM, choose “Option” in the “Download Menu”. Then click on “Speed”. Find Maximum Connection Number (Max. Conn. Number). Choose 16. Then go to Registry Edit, select HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Download Manager>Connection Speed>Select Decimal> Connect> Press Ok. This trick will work universally on all IDM. It can speed up IDM 2x to 3x.


Here you have an option of software called IDM Optimizer.

To use it.

– Download IDM Optimizer.

– After installing, open it, you will find a window with two options at bottom. 1. Maximize now 2. Restore Default. Select first option.

– Now, you are equipped with optimized IDM.

IDM installs itself in your system via two mechanisms. Either there is a full fledged version that installs directly into your hard drive, or there are certain set ups by which you can install IDM into your browser. The later is known as hook mechanism. E.g. Java Script Run software. We advise you to install a full version of IDM for better results.

These are certain proven Tips, Tricks and Precautions to Speed up your IDM. Haven’t tried yet? Go and try. Don’t forget to let us know how much you are benefited in the comments section.

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