How to stay anonymous on the Internet

How-to-Stay-Anonymous-Surfing-the-WebGoogle is the best search engine mankind has known so far. Everyone loves Google. A funny fact is, many internet
users open Google search to check if they are connected or not! Google has more or less become a major part of everyone’s lives. ‘Don’t be evil‘ is the motto of Google. But is the monstrous search engine really living upto it’s motto? Let’s find out.
So, how many of you know about cookies? Not the one’s you crave for, but the one’s websites use to gather data from users. Cookies used by websites store sensitive and important information about users like usernames, login location, present location, passwords, time, date and many other things. These information are stored in order to help us use the services better and have a smooth online experience.

Google also uses cookies to build up a detailed database of your search queries ever since you started using it. So Google probably knows when fell in love for the first time, what ailments you had, and many other personal details. Hard to believe? You have to, because that’s the sad truth about Google. But Google does this for our “benefit”. When you search for something now, it will give you the results considering your previous searches and your geographic location, thus enhancing our user experience by displaying relevant search results (and also ads which is the bone of contention) which is a good thing.

The flip side of this coin is the loss of anonymity. It’s almost impossible to stay online now without the use of specialized services/software. Most of us are not comfortable with an internet bot collecting all our information. The recent news that the US government is spying on our emails, phone calls and probably this post is creating a lot of concern among netizens about their privacy. It has been shown by many computer and cyber gurus that Google bots read our emails to show us relevant ads in gmail which is a major violation of privacy.

The good thing is there are many good programming geniuses out there who care about helping people remain anonymous online and protecting their privacy rights. One such pioneer is Jacob Appelbaum, a core member of the TOR Project, a security researcher and hacker.

So, inorder to do my small bit to help people remain anonymous online, I will give some ways as to how you can remain anonymous online as well as enjoy the full benefits of the internet.

1. Use TOR web browser.

The TOR (The Onion Router) browser which was once a secret project of the U.S. Naval Research Lab uses layers of encryption which make it impossible to trace data back to their point of origin.

2. Install Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield provides a free virtual private network (paid to disable ads), to help you surf the internet anonymously without compromising on security. you can also access any blocked website using the service.

3. Free proxy from

The best thing about this is there is no need to install any software. You can bypass all internet restrictions without any ads as in hotspot shield. It also works well with many video sites like Dailymotion and Youtube. There is also a paid version which encrypts all the data which is transferred.

I hope you found this article useful. Stay anonymous, stay safe!