HzO WaterBlock Technology that can make all phones waterproof

At the CES held at Las Vegas on January11, 2012; Zagg, the company well-know for their InvisibleShield smartphone protection skins demonstrated their new HzO WaterBlock product. HzO is a nano-technology coating that’s applied during the manufacturing process to seal the internal board and components, making devices waterproof from the inside out. Watch this demo video and see for yourself what it can do.


If you already have a smart phone and you want to add waterblock to it, well that can’t be done. It has to be added by the manufacturer while he makes the device. It is said that the need for HzO rose when a man on a drowning boat had a phone with him but could not call anyone for help because the phone was wet and stopped working.

Water damage is among the main causes of death for phones, and this might be a life-saving measure for expensive Android smart phones. This is a beginning, but I’m hopeful that it will soon become a standard, and all new Android phones would come with it in coming time. This technology would also work on Blackberries and Apple products. And since it is inexpensive, there will be no significant difference in the cost of the device.