Best Internet Download Manager Alternatives for Linux

Internet Download Manager or IDM for short is not available for Linux based OS. But there are similar if not better alternatives which you can use which give the same performance as Internet Download Manager. I will be describing the Top 3 Internet Download Manager Alternatives in this post.

3. Aria 2

For advanced users who prefer to use the terminal, Aria 2 is a download manager command line like wget. But, it has many more advanced features as it can support multiple protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, BitTorrent and many more.

To install on Ubuntu or Debian type sudo apt-get install aria2 in the terminal.


You can resume downloads which were interrupted for any reason. You can also increase the download speed by mentioning the number of connections.
For more information, read the official documentation of Aria2.

2. Flareget

This software is currently in beta version. It works with both RPM and DEB linux distributions. This software was created by Syed Adnan Kamili. You have the option of integrating it with your browser by activating it in the preferences section. Some intergration plugins are paid versions.


1. DownThemAll

I think this is the best option for people who download a lot from the internet. It’s not a software, but an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser which is powerful and easy to easy to use. It’s simple, flexible and efficient.


DownThemAll gives you the possibility to download all links or images contained in a webpage and much more: you can refine your downloads based on criteria you set. Just like Internet Download Manager, DownThemAll has everything you could desire from a download manager:

  • Advanced accelerator which allows an increase of the speed up to 400%.
  • Pause / resume downloads at any time.
  • Fully integrated into your favorite browser!
So, these are the best Internet Download Manager Alternatives for Linux.

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