Internet Trends and Internet Marketing Tips for 2017 and Beyond.

Internet trends are ever changing. One day Myspace rules the social media and the next day, it’s next to nothing. Recent studies have also shown that Facebook is loosing a lot of users- mostly teenagers. Who would have thought this would happen? So, you see, it’s very hard to predict what the Internet might hold for us in future.

Here are some of the Internet Marketing Tips for 2017. You can capitalize on them for the foreseeable future.

1: Mobile Websites

More and more people visit your website using mobile devices like their smartphone or tablet. If you still have no mobile website, then undertake the appropriate steps as 20% of total Internet traffic is said to come from mobile devices. This can cost you customers. Also, this mobile site is known as RWD (Responsive Web Design) where each page basically desktop, tablet and smartphone can be viewed.

2: Flat design

Websites also are sensitive to fashion trends. Therefore it is good to regularly refresh you site. The design trend for 2014 is flat design- literally “flat design”. The sites of Windows and Apple are good examples, but also Dutch brands like HEMA, NS and Douwe Egberts follow that example. This site also moves to flat design, so fewer shadow edges and fewer buttons with 3D effects.

3: Customer-friendly content

Many websites are optimized for search engines. But very few have quality content which the users are actually looking for. So, how do you ensure that your content is actually viewed and read and even enjoyed by the reader? Provide clear added value to your target audience and allow users to choose how to receive your information like email notifications or create a facebook app to deliver fresh content to your audience. You should not underestimate your visitor and deliver content which has no meaning at all.

4: The communication professional has a new role

It’s not just about reaching and influencing audiences. It’s about the interactions and relationships you build with them for long term benefits. Professionals are now using social media to directly connect with their already existing and potential customers. Companies also hire a public relations person to care of this.

5: Using visual and social media communication


Both positive and negative messages can go viral through social media whether it’s true or not. Professionals should be ready for damage control at any time. Especially major brands, viral marketing campaigns increasingly require creativity. They hire advertising companies to create remarkable pictures or videos to reach maximum audience as possible.

6: Understanding the customer journey

Businesses should get more out of website statistics. Often it is limited to numbers of visitors, average time on site, bounce rate etc. But we already know that measurable goals are important. Think of completed contact forms, purchases and downloads. In addition, understanding the traffic sources, the demographics etc contributes to which marketing efforts are actually producing revenue.


7: Intranet as (mobile) service area

The Intranet offers opportunities to interact with colleagues or even people outside the organization quickly and effectively. It is important to have the right tools which are available to users. Saving time and knowledge are important priorities. The PortalCMS software is a comprehensive solution for website, intranet, mobile and web apps, and therefore anticipates this trend.

8: Integrating mobile in our daily lives

We are always and everywhere connected to the Internet. In addition to the smartphone (which we almost all have already been used and addicted to it), there are and will be a host of other devices like you GPS which can also access the Internet. You as a business owner, manager or professional should consider how users in the future can make use of these new technology trends.

9: Online Community Management

You should target not only attract but also motivate and bind with your customers. A company which ignores this important fact is bound to loose a lot of customers. This requires not only an online presence on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but also hosting customer relationship meeting etc. The Internet trend of building online communities is therefore a form of long-term marketing.

10: Understand that user needs are dynamic

The needs of your user are ever changing. They always want to get the service worth the money they are paying, and sometimes even more. For online success, you must respond to the needs of the customer and the customer behavior. Today, your customer might want ease of usability from your product. Tomorrow, they might want more efficiency. Providing what the user want on a timely basis is very important.