Introducing new iPhone Apps- Blink, Convo and Draw Something 2

Many companies around the globe are creating apps for the Apple devices. However, only few apps get high user rating and reviews on the iStore. What separates the high rated apps from the low rated apps on iStore? The secret behind the successful app launch is the proper validation and verification of the application and checking it from all aspects. It is extremely important to contact the automation testing service providers to ensure the smooth and safe deployment of your application. Blink, Convo and Draw Something got 4+ rating on the iStore and were developed by various app developing companies. Let’s review the features of these apps and the enigmas behind their success.

With the Blink application, users can now locate the charger for their electric vehicles. It allows the users to find the nearest electric charge and doesn’t require any registration or sign in procedure. Whether you are a blink member or not, you can find the public blink chargers and view statuses. ecotality-blink-appThis app has helped many people to locate the charger locations and can spot different charger locations, nearest to their place. The app delivers the best performance, even in extreme operating conditions and has exceptional load management capabilities.

Draw Something 2 allows you to guess, draw and share your pieces of imaginations with your pals.performance testing service provider to ensure optimized stress, strain and load management abilities.

With dozens of features, it fosters the creativity of the users and enables him/her to draw something out of the box. It offers new stamps, colors, tools and patterns and users can create cool effects by using these tools. This app is developed by a renowned developer Zynga Inc. It offers free gallery and has dozens of exciting features. Fun begins as you challenge and play it with your friends on Facebook. In short, this app is a good time pass activity. The app delivers the finest end user experience and is tested by

Convo is a free application developed by Scrybe Inc.

This app is a private social network and lets you to stay connected with your working groups and management. With Convo, you can communicate and collaborate with your team members, pass important instructions and manage situations. This tool is exclusively developed for companies to enhance the business communication experience. Now you are connected with your business, on the go, from important business meetings to every second updates, Convo provides everything on the phone. TheScrybe Inc has ensured the functionality, usability and performance of the application, by testing it from every aspect.